Mego Catalog Library: 1981 Eagle Force

Rumoured originally to be a return of Action Jackson, the Eagle Force were based on Martin Abrams noticing the popularity of Britain's Toy soldiers.

Although he left in 1980, Neal Kublan remembers the Eagle Force with a pessimistic tone, "I would killed it on the spot" he adds, "I would have killed it for a very peculiar business reason; at that price point we could have never made enough to cover our debt service, which was as much as our volume."

It was purely economics that motivates his resolve. "We had debt service on 90 million dollars and at that point interest rates were at 18%. (With the Eagle Force,) you have to sell a lot more than you do with high ticket items."

In a Tomart interview Martin Abrams suggested that the line sold well at retail but the company was already doomed. The 1990 Book "Toyland" mentions that Paul Kirchner, Freelance toy designer and sometime writer for Heavy Metal magazine designed the Eagle Force but never got paid the twenty thousand owed to him due to Mego's bankruptcy