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Mego Catalog Library: Mego-Esque! Strange Figures Produced By Other Companies

The biggest question we get here at the Museum goes something like this "Hey, your site missing the Mego Hunchback doll I had as a kid" or "Where is the Kojak Gallery?". The answer to both of these enquiries is the same, Those figures aren't made by Mego

Below is a short "Who's who" in the world of 8" figures produced by companies other than Mego. These are just a handful of the many examples out there, for more detailed information, consult the links section below.

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Ideal was famous for creating the "Captain Action" character of the 1960's that gave children their first Superhero action figure. Ideal produced the Evel Knievel and JJ Armes line in the mid 1970's. JJ utilized a retooled Action Boy body while Evel was more a glorified Bendy.

Newly discovered evidence shows that Ideal pitched a series of mego esque figures based on the Saturday Morning series the Monster Squad and the Kids from C.A.P.E.R. Click here for more information. (Thanks to Steve Fink for this awesome information!)


A rare photo of some of the AHI management in 1975

AHI stands for "Azrak Hamway Inc" and AHI followed Mego's success closely. They successfully aped many of Mego's decisions when it came to products and licenses, they are best known for their licensed Universal Monster figures. The Monsters were extremely popular and went through several production changes, note how the cards look like Mego Kresge Cards. (AHI carded monsters are courtesy of Larry New)

For more information on these figures check out for figure galleries and Azrak for extensive toy galleries and vintage catalogs from the company.

AHI WolfmanAHI Frankenstein doll

AHI's Action Apemen sought to cut the grass of Mego's successful Planet of the Apes line. According to Mego brass, Mego actually outbid AHI on the license (AHI did market many Planet of the Apes products)

As you can see below, the Action Apemen didn't go unnoticed by Mego or 20th Century Fox!(All of these pics and Info courtesy of Mike J)














Lincoln International

Lincoln International was apparantly out of New Zealand (This tidbit courtesy Laurie) and eventually they did distribute Mego figures internationally.

For more information on these figures check out for figure galleries and PlaidStallions Lincoln Monster Website..

Lincoln Monsters Frankenstein

If you have Lincoln Monsters for sale Email Me as I am always buying

Lincoln Monsters Wolfman

Click on any of the Lincoln Monsters to get a much better view.....

In the mid 1970's Lincoln produced a series of Monster dolls similiar to AHIs but with a more generic slant. Difficult to find today, the Lincoln Monsters were available carded in North America and boxed in the UK. Many Mego fans will recognize these characters from their awesome "duke out" with the Superheroes in the 1976 Wards catalogue.

There are actually variations in the Lincoln Monsters, the carded ones above are considered "UK Versions" because of changes in their outfits and paints. Frankenstein for example was originally a flash coloured haed spray painted Green, not the solid green pictured above. For more pics of Lincolns packaging and figure variants, see the links at the bottom of the page.


Lincoln also created the Ultimate Mego knockoff in Mr.Rock, their "all too familiar" Space Man.

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(L) The infamous (and very rare) Mr Rock (R) The 1976 Wards catalog offered a titanic scrap between the Monsters and the Mego Superheroes

An original Lincoln Monsters shipping case, only two are known to exist.


Little is known about these neat knock offs which sort of resemble a cross between Planet of the Apes meet Flash Gordon. Each Character was given a name, below is Warrior, Myra and Artemus. Missing is Dr Zorma (Dr Zaius with glasses). Astro Apes are most likely found in the UK. (Thanks again to Mike J)

Lou Melograna was kind enough to provide us with a great pic of Dr Zorma, Lou runs the "Collectible Action Figure Gallery" (see link below) the authority on Mego-Like and knockoffs.


LJN made a great deal of 8" product in the mid seventies, capitilzing on popular TV licenses such as SWAT, the Rookies and Emergency. Their figures are well made and Mego even tried to buy LJN at one point.

Tomland (AKA Combex)

Tomland is best known for their Star Raiders series of figures, 8" representations of Aliens and Monsters. The Star Raiders were also known as "Creatures from Other Worlds" and "Famous Monsters of Legend" (Where they included movies characters such as the Morlocks, Harryhausens Cyclops and the Fly). The 1977 Wards catalogue features the Tomland aliens as "The Cantina Creatures" in an attempt to cash in on Star Wars mania. Tomland also released a series of Monsters (Frankenstein, Wolfman, Mummy, Dracula) that look like imitations of the Lincoln characters, finding examples of these figures is a daunting task.(pics courtesy Luey)

The Fly is very difficult to find in a White labcoat, he is more commonly found in a brown labcoat. The cards are often marked "Kresge" which is not unlike the Mego Kresge cards.

Carded Tomland "Creatures from Other Worlds" Figures are courtesy of Mego Super Collector Dan Crandall. Click on the pic to get a larger view of these figures.

In 1978, Montgomery Wards tried to sell Tomlands Ridal, Tago, Yog and Bidal (their Star Raiders names but the figures were also in the Famous Monsters and Creatures line) as "Cantina Kooks". Lucas was probably pleased....

Creatures FORM other Worlds? That's high quality! This super rare glimpse of an original shipping case is brought to you by Dan Crandall and is the only known example in the world.


Larami was well known for "rack toys" such as Water Pistols and licensed superhero items (usually of a low price point) In 1979, they decided to captilize on the Sci FI fever by getting the license to Ray Bradbury's "The Martian Chronicles" mini series (which starred Rock Hudson).

Click on any of the Larami Martian Chronicles figures to get a much better view.....

The dolls produced aped Mego's body style (although they were blow moulded) and the outfit was an exact match of Mego's Star Trek alien, The Keeper. The aliens were represented by the three Martians that appeared in their ceremonial masks (Although one of the "Martians" was in fact, just actor Bernie Casey pretending to be a martian)

In 1995, "Collect Em All" magazine published an interview with a former Larami executive, in it he admitted that the intention was that children would pop the heads off the cheaper bodies and use Mego bodies. He also explained that there were no plans to create a Rock Hudson figure, someday.......

Mego Left Overs

Often unmarked, these toys from Hong Kong have utilize what is obviously left overs from the Mego factory such as the Mandy dolls above that are wearing left over Mego Superhero suits.

Other known sighting include 12" Fashion dolls wearing Planet of the Apes outfits, 12" blow molded Heroes wearing 12' hero outfits and even blow molded dolls wearing outfits from Mego's aborted Logans Run line (!)


Popy was a Japanese company that actually carried Mego product (they produced Japanese boxed versions of Spiderman, Batman and Superman) Popy created their own Mego like body and produced 8" Mego like versions of Japanese Superheroes such as Kamen Rider, Ultraman, Gatchaman and the Battle Fever gang.

The packaging was similiar to their Mego releases and Popy even copied the WGSH boots but the bodies are completely different. The suits on Ultraman and Ultra Seven are easily damaged.

New to the Museum, is the original Popy Catalog (courtesy of Joe Derouen) click on the thumbnails for better pics of Ultraman and crew.

Hungy for More?

This is merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Mego-like product, below are the best sites on the web for finding more information on Remco, AHI, Lincoln and many more produers.

plaidstallions has many monster toy galleries

PlaidStallions is a website devoted to the seventies and uses many toy catalogs, of particular note is the extensive Azrak-Hamway Section which includes many rare catalogs and the gallery devoted to the Lincoln Monsters. I won't lie, it's my site.

Mego Like is the source for figures that look like mego is run by the angriest man in Toys! The CAFG is a sanctuary for knockoffs, there is no toy too cheap or ugly for Lou not to love. The site is regularly updated and well worth a look.