Mego Catalog Library: 1980 Buck Rogers
The Buck Rogers artwork that Mego used on all packaging

The 1980 line of Mego Buck Rogers was expanded from it's 1979 debut. Before the movie was released, Mego almost dropped the license but exit polls showed that kids in particular loved the film, so Mego wisely kept going with it. New to the lineup this year were the Landrover vehicle and Spaceport playset. The radio control Twiki was proposed but no doubt the high price tag kepy buyers away. A similiar walking V.I.N Cent was pitched for the Mego Black Hole line of toys, it was also not released.

Mego radio controlled Twiki was never releasedThe basic Buck Rogers figure assortmentThe Mego Buck Rogers vehicles were highly detailedLand Rover and Laser Fighter were new to the seriesSpace Port playset was a vacuform set similiar to other Mego affairs1980 was the last year for the 12