Mego Catalog Library: 1979 World's Greatest Super Heroes

Toy Fair 1979: The Action Figure Section opens with this shot of the 12 Inch WGSH line rising triumphantly into the heavens. Or possibly plunging into a dark void, depending on one's perspective.

According to Neal Kublan, the Buck Rogers line was produced almost as a favor to the entertainment lawyer who brokered the deal. Such was Mego's largesse, that a line could be so casually produced, it's weak sales shrugged off. This was not at all unusual for the wildly successful company and it's bold young team. As Kublan described it, "We took Limos to the bathroom back then..."

The 79 Catalog is an incredibly slick and thick piece of work. It was the first such catalog to be done by an outside agency, which raised the production values but missed a few crucial details. On the KISS page, the figures are referred to as DOLLS, when Mego had taken great pains to see that they be marketed as POSEABLE FIGURES....

Something to note with the Heroes is the magnetic Batman and Robin pictured with web-spinning Spiderman. While the web-spinner is cool, the Magnetic-Duo begs the question: Why on earth wasn't Spiderman magnetized? What could be more obvious? We still don't have an answer for that. When I asked Neal about it he said, " If you'd have told me we did make it I'd have believed it!" We'll get back to you on that.