If there ever was a Mego ambassador, it would be John Bonavita, lifelong collector and lover of all things Mego. His dedication to Mego Collecting showed in his 1996 publication Mego Action Figure Toys which came at a time when many of us were still searching for that Spock doll we had as a kid. John's favorite part of the hobby is discovering things we didn't know existed, (many of them foreign) and he certainly added a lot of "must haves" to many a wantlist! John has always been extremely supportive of the Mego Museum and it is with great pride that we host John's Megoheadtoys archive here at the Mego Museum.

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Be sure to check out Megoheadtoys.com for Action Figure reviews and more! Also, please keep checking this page for updates, John has supplied us with a mountain of material that we'll keep placing here.

Action Jackson
Black Hole
Black Hole OLD Bob (never produced figure)
Black Hole R/C Vincent (never produced figure)
Buck Rogers

CHIPS (never produced figure)
Comic Action Heroes
Dr. Kromedome
Dr. Who
Don (Clark Kent)
Flash Gordon
Franz Beckenbauer
Greatest American Hero (never produced figure)
I Dream of Jeannie (never produced figure)
James Bond
Logans Run (never produced figure)
Love Boat Ship Playset
Mad Monsters
Mighty Mightor
Mystery Figures
New Avengers
One Million B.C.
Planet of the Apes
Robin Hood
Star Trek
Japanese Star Trek Ad NEW!
Star Trek: TMP
Steve Goalgetter
Tex Willer
Wild West
Wizard of Oz
World's Greatest Super Heroes
Spanish Mego Comic Book Ads
DC/Marvel boxed
DC/Marvel carded
Secret Identity figures
Robin with Removable Mask
Wonder Woman MOC
DC/Marvel foreign carded
Vehicles and playsets
Aquaman Vs Great White Shark
12" Batman and Superman figures
12" Spiderman and Hulk figures
12" Wonder Woman figures
Store Displays and Ad Artwork
Tour Batman's Wayne Foundation!
Make Your Own 8" Dr. Doom!
Batman's Bat-Beam! (never produced toy)
Mego Tales and Mysteries
The Tale of the Missing Pirate!
The Tale of the Unknown Holland Girl! (solved!)
The Mystery of the Mego Musketeers!
The Tale of the Mego Warehouse!
Megohead Newsletter #2 (1999) NEW!

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