Mego Catalog Library: 1976 Catalog

The 1976 Mascot is a wizard and that's fitting because it was a magic year for Mego. The main focus of the catalog is licensed boys lines and many of them were winners.

Star Trek opens the catalog with a grand showing,having been a hit in 1975, Mego expanded the line with an additional 8 figures, 2 playsets and more electronic role play items. The license, which was purchased for economical five thousand dollars, reaped millions in sales.

The Worlds Greatest Superheroes were still sturdy sellers and 1976 saw a new batch of Marvel Heroes, several Hero Vehicles and a new playset. Debuting this year were the versatile Comic Action Heroes, which allowed Mego to make Hero battles on a more grand scale.

The Apes were gone but they paved the way for upcoming TV favorites Starsky and Hutch, The Waltons and Sonny And Cher.

In the celebrity vein, Mego enlisted the help of "The Greatest" with the Muhammad Ali line of boxing figures, possibly the year's biggest disappoinment.

1976 was a highly creative year for Mego and gave many of us a happy chapter to our childhoods.