Mego Super Softies: Spider-Man

Mego Talking Super Softie Spiderman says I'll get you Green Goblin!


Super Softie Spider-Man

Perhaps one of the most desirable pieces in the line itself, Mego Super Softie Spidey was my fifth birthday present and I still have him!


You can hear what Spidey says here. He's getting on in years, so try and guess what he's saying!

19" Spider-Man

 19 Mego Super Softie Spiderman MIB is incredibly rare

Regular 19" Mego Super Softie Spiderman MIB. Photo courtesy of Mark Huckabone.

24" Inch Spider-Man

The Mego Super Softie Spiderman is a true rarity to find MIB

Boxed Talking Super Softie Spiderman is one of the toughest in the line to find.