Pocket Heroes Packaging: Red Cards

Red Card Checklist

Superman, Batman, Robin, Hulk, Spiderman, Zod, Jor El and Luthor.

Red cards are thought to be the earliest release in the Pocket Heroes line and the most commonly found. There is tremendous surplus in this line, MOC examples can still be found averaging from $20 for the lesser characters to $50 for the main heroes. Robin is the least common. It is not uncommon to find unpunched examples of red cards, as there has been a warehouse find in the last ten years.

Shazam, Penguin and Joker are featured on the red card artwork, they were not released as pocket heroes but did see release in Mego's Comic Action Heroes line (1976-1978). Zod, Luthor and Jor El are featured on the white cards but have not been found.

Robin is the toughest Red Carded Pocket Hero to find, he was obviously the short pack

Harbert released the pocket Heroes in Italy

Above is a Harbert Italy released Red Carded Pocket Superhero Spidey, note the change in the graphics to suit the language and the Harbert logo. The Marvel characters had their own backer that featured Captain America and Green Goblin but they were only released on White Cards