Pocket Heroes Packaging: White Cards

White cards Superman, Batman, Robin,Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Hulk, Spiderman,Captain America, Green Goblin

It is a daunting task to find Pocket Heroes on White cards. Cap, Aquaman, Green Goblin and Wonder Woman were created specifically for this release and were not recycled Comic Action Heroes as the first release of heroes were. The most uncommon figures to find on White cards are the heroes previously released on the red cards. Batman and Spiderman are especially tough. The white cards were released in 1980 and remained the line's final packaging style.

Mego Pocket Hero Superman


Mego Pocket Hero Batman

Batman : Considered the toughest in the line to find

Mego Pocket Hero Robin


Mego Pocket Hero Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman: Only available on White Cards

Mego Pocket Hero Aquaman

Aquaman: Only available on White Cards/p>

Marvel Characters

Mego Pocket Hero Spiderman


Mego Pocket Hero Captain America

Captain America : Only Available on White Cards

Mego Pocket Hero Green Goblin

Green Goblin: Only Available on White Cards

Mego Pocket Hero Hulk

Hulk: Easiest character to find on White Cards

White carded Hulk is the easiest to obtain in the series,however the Italian card is extremely tough

Italian Carded Hulk and US Carded Hulk.