Comic Action Heroes Playsets and Vehicles

The true strength of the 3 3/4" format was the ability to produce playsets and vehicles on a much broader scale and be cost effective.

In the World of the Comic Action Heroes, Wonder Woman could get her Invisible Jet and the Batcopter would actually fly

Mego created Superhero themed "Disasters" centered around a cartoony device known as the "Comic Activator". Batman was sent on an Exploding Bridge adventure, while Superman protected a familiar looking Fortress of Solitude, Wonder Woman rounded up the set with her task of stopping the Exploding Tower.

The Marvel Heroes got the unique Mangler Playset and Spider-Car.

This unproduced Mego Spiderman exploding Tower Playset was offered in 1977. The Spider car was produced on it's own in '78 but this playset never saw release..