UK Fist Fighters

Fist Fighting Superheroes were released in England by Palitoy distributing. The UK line had 4 characters that were not made in the US FF line: Spiderman, Superman, Lizard and Captain America. Batman and Robin were common to both sides of the Atlantic, while Riddler and Joker did not appear in the UK as Fist Fighters. There are differences in bodies and costumes to be aware of. The figures came carded rather than boxed. While all packaged fist fighters are rare, UK carded figures are exceptionally rare.

This Palitoy Catalog page shows the addition of Superman and Spiderman to the UK Fist Fighters line. Lizard and Captain America also were Fist Fighters in UK only.

Mego 1975 Catalog featuring the fist Fighting Superheroes!Mego 1976 catalog featuring the fist fighters1977 Palitoy uk Fist Fighters pageToltoys Australia Fist Fighter Page


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