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Ladies and Gentlemen, The World's Greatest Superheroes

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  • EMCEtoys
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    • Feb 1, 2007
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    Ladies and Gentlemen, The World's Greatest Superheroes

    As we speak, my long time friend Paul "Dr. Mego" Clarke is at the Mattel panel at Comic Con, where it has just been announced that we are bringing back the DC World's Greatest Superheroes in partnership with Mattel. Wave One, out before easter 2010 will include:

    Green Arrow
    Hal Jordan GL
    Lex Luthor

    I'll go on later about behind the scenes stuff we've been quiet about, but I wanted you guys to be the first to hear the announcement as it was going on.
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  • Orion
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    • Mar 11, 2008
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    • palitoy
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      • Jun 16, 2001
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      Much appreciated Joe and congrats to you and Paul for making it happen. You should be very proud.
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      • almitysufx
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        • May 27, 2004
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        super sweet!


        • Jerry68
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          • Feb 12, 2008
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          I think I just wet myself!!!!!!

          Way to go guys! I know Paul has wanted this forever. I thought something was up when I sw a picture of the batcape for sale on his site. You sneaky dogs! Great job!!!!!!!


          • rche
            channeling Bob Wills
            • Mar 26, 2008
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            kudos kudos and yay!
            my heartfelt thanks to those who held the grass down to make the path.


            • 60'schild
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              • Mar 27, 2009
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              Let the celebration begin. The Second Age of Mego has begun!!!
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              • Earth 2 Chris
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                • Mar 7, 2004
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                WOW. Congrats! Well worth all the wait and anticipation for sure!



                • ScottA
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                  • Jun 25, 2001
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                  Congratulations to you both. Mego 2.0. Now let's see some pics...
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                  • SUP-Ronin
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                    • Oct 8, 2007
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                    Pretty cool. I look forward to seeing them. Finally some more bad guys.
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                    • almitysufx
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                      • May 27, 2004
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                      Not to sound greedy but how long before we see pics??? do they have protos?


                      • 60'schild
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                        • Mar 27, 2009
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                        (Reading the Toyark data stream, I was imagining the reaction at the panel... I hope there were a lot of Mego fans there! )

                        If not, there are a ton of us here celebrating!!!

                        BEST NEWS EVER!!


                        • MEGOMAN
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                          • Dec 30, 2008
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                          Right on! Congrats to you guys. Finally a new MEGO age!!!!


                          • Werewolf
                            • Jul 14, 2003
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                            I'm a little confused. So, these will say Mattel on them and not Mego? New retro sculpts or modern style sculpts? Hopefully these will be massmarket and I don't have to get them off of Matty collector. What a nightmare that would be.
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                            • sauce
                              • Jun 24, 2007
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