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  • Other Dude
    • Aug 4, 2004
    • 95

    Oh forgot to post the photo of my Ogron


    • phil
      Persistent Member
      • May 11, 2007
      • 2080

      Great stuff. I particularly like the 5th and 9th Doctor figures.


      • JediJaida
        Talkative Member
        • Jun 14, 2008
        • 5671

        Dr. Who figures

        Never mind the Ogron, where'd you get the cool Dalek from?


        • david_b
          Never had enough toys..
          • May 9, 2008
          • 2305

          I definitely need the cloth pattern for the Davison coat. I have everything set but that..!

          Peace.. Through Superior Firepower.


          • YANOULI
            Part-Time Timelord
            • Jan 9, 2006
            • 2209

            Originally posted by JediJaida
            Never mind the Ogron, where'd you get the cool Dalek from?
            They are made by Product Enterprise.
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            • Cosmicman
              Permanent Member
              • Jul 12, 2005
              • 4794

              Damn. You must really like that show.
              I was never fan of it but you surely have captured it. Very talented! Makes me want to watch this show and try and learn it.
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              • Meule
                Verbose Member
                • Nov 14, 2004
                • 28720

                Congrats on a more than deserved spotlight
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                • bobws
                  Permanent Member
                  • Feb 13, 2008
                  • 3462

                  Those are all Unbelieveable WOW!!!! i wanted to make a set of Doctors and Companions, but now,GULP! do you sell any the heads? yours look near perfect. Fantastic job and i look forward to seeing what else you come up with.
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                  • david_b
                    Never had enough toys..
                    • May 9, 2008
                    • 2305

                    I was working on my 9" Davison a few years back ~ I was just using a Playmates Tom Paris head, molding additional hair on top (the hat will also help..). Just needed a companion to my customized Deny's Tom Baker and Talking Cyberman. The Talking Cyberman looks ultra-cool next to the 8" line.
                    Peace.. Through Superior Firepower.


                    • DC_Guy
                      Museum Super Collector
                      • Sep 18, 2008
                      • 179

                      Wow, those are great! Do you have any plans to do Tenth Doctor or Brigadier figures? Either or both would be cool...


                      • Tothiro
                        Kitten Mittens
                        • Aug 28, 2008
                        • 1342

                        Great Eccleston - he's my favorite Dr. Baker is my #2 but where is the poor man's scarf?


                        • johnmiic
                          • Sep 6, 2002
                          • 8427

                          Those are some really good customs.


                          • SlipperyLilSuckers
                            • May 14, 2003
                            • 9031

                            Awesome. I specially love Jon Pertwee's clothes. The Scraroth and Slitheen are really well done, they all are! Bravo.


                            • ddgaff1132
                              Persistent Member
                              • Oct 3, 2007
                              • 1695

                              Wow!!! Those are great. I think The Dr. from the Fox TV Movie version is the real dead ringer.(I had high hopes for that.) The Tom Baker image (if it's him) Came across too fuzzy. Shame is He was The Doctor that started it for me. Your sculpts are it man. If you reproduce them. I'd be knocking on your door.
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                              • Other Dude
                                • Aug 4, 2004
                                • 95

                                I'll be showing a few more Who characters next month, including 3 more Doctors.