top 5 Mego Superheroes

Mego collectors have been debating who are the best Mego Superheroes since the Museum was first created, now after ten years of debate we decided to put it to a vote. The results are in and here are the Megomuseum top five Superheroes.

#5 Mighty Thor

Mighty Thor was the big dark horse for the top five beating such as favorites as the Hulk and Batgirl. It really shouldn't come as too much of a surprise, Mego spared no detail in creating the outfit including helmet, his prize hammer and a not so pleasant facial expression.

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#4 Mego Superman

Mego Superman

He is the character who put Super in Superhero, so it's no surprise this classic made the top five, although it may be a shock that he just barely did. A beautiful figure that most of us owned, Mego never stopped producing this 8" figure until it closed its doors for good and Superman has a rare distinction of being included in every Mego hero line.

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#3 Mego Spiderman

Mego Spiderman

A testament to the old adage "Keep it Simple", Mego Spider-Man is not only authentic but it would be hard to improve him. It's no surprise many people choose Spidey as their "Desert Island choice" of Mego figure to bring. He's quite simply, one of the perfect Mego Superheroes.

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#2 Green Arrow

Mego Green Arrow

Mego Green Arrow has real clout as an action figure, maybe it's that the 70's saw the character of Oliver Queen become an anti establishment rebel. Most likely it's because Mego outdid themselves with this creation, killer head sculpt (taken from the pirates Long John Silver) combined with an amazing outfit and cool, cool accessories. A well deserved second place for the Emerald Archer.....

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#1 Removable Cowl Batman

Mego Removable Cowl Batman

It's no surprise that Mego Removable Cowl Batman is the chairman of the board here. Combining easily the most popular hero Mego made with a cool feature such as a removable Bat cowl makes him the favorite among Mego heads. .

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Agree or disagree with this article? Want to make your own personal top five? Visit the MegoMuseum Forums and have your say.