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EMCE Toys new bodies in development - the end of the rubber bands

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  • drmego
    EMCE Toys
    • Jun 15, 2001
    • 2411

    EMCE Toys new bodies in development - the end of the rubber bands

    I like to wait under everything is finalized, but since David Lee and Craig Owen
    are asking people here to give them money to pay for making a new male mego
    body, I have to show what I have been working on for the past 4 months -
    a new 8 inch male and female bodies and a teen body - all without rubber bands.

    I guess I can show you the output from the 3D files of the new EMCE Toys bodies.
    After I put out an 8 inch "Make Your Own Superhero Kit" last Christmas, Classic TV Toys
    had one on Amazon like the next day, so I am leery these days of showing what I am
    working on.

  • wayne foundation 07
    Time to feed the cat
    • Dec 30, 2007
    • 5705

    That's awesome!!!!! thanks for showing it off, the future sure looks good!


    • drmego
      EMCE Toys
      • Jun 15, 2001
      • 2411

      This is what I was showing people at Mego Meet and at Eternal Con.EMCE_male_body.jpgFemale_EMCE_body.jpg


      • BATMAN89
        Mego obsessed!!!
        • Jul 20, 2010
        • 3399

        They are looking fantastic!!!
        Please keep us all updated.
        It has been a little while since we had something this exciting coming directly from the Mego Doctor!

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        • ScottA
          Original Member
          • Jun 25, 2001
          • 12264

          These are off the chart Paul. Congrats and looking forward to getting some.
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          • megalomaniac001
            Veteran Member
            • Jul 24, 2009
            • 394

            Looks good! I love that there are going to be some good body options in Mego scale! The female body looks interesting because it looks like a Mego head would fit on the neck post, an the feet look smaller like the Mego's so that boots & shoes would fit. The teen body is something I am really looking forward too as well. Hope you will give us a peak when you are ready!


            • drmego
              EMCE Toys
              • Jun 15, 2001
              • 2411

              I want to be sure to post this message here too - in case it accidentally disappears from the other thread.

              I just want to let everyone here know that I have been working on the male, female, and teen bodies in 3D for four months now.
              These bodies are going to the factory for tooling in July and I expect to have production done by October - hopefully in time to
              show at New York Comicon. The bodies will retail for $5.00 each and I am not asking anyone to give me any money before the
              bodies are in stock and ready to ship.


              • drmego
                EMCE Toys
                • Jun 15, 2001
                • 2411

                As always, with everything I do, it is made with classic MEGO in mind. The old heads will fit
                as will the clothes and boots. We tried to mix the best of MEGO, Mattel, and EMCE.


                • TomStrong
                  Persistent Member
                  • Jul 22, 2011
                  • 1635

                  Only too awesome sir, too awesome. Ill be picking some of those up.


                  • jimsmegos
                    Mego Dork
                    • Nov 9, 2008
                    • 4519

                    Cool! I really appreciate the price point.


                    • fallensaviour
                      Talkative Member
                      • Aug 28, 2006
                      • 5620

                      Fan freaking -tastic!!!!!
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                      • Starroid Raiders Dagon
                        Persistent Member
                        • Apr 28, 2013
                        • 2162

                        Hey Paul, please don't take offense to this comment. I'm a newbe around this place but have been a long time admirer of what you have done for the Mego community. I think the male body looks undefined. Missing muscle definition everywhere but the torso. The torso looks too large (from the front) and out of proportion with the rest of the body. The body seems to lack definition and detail. My honest opinion. I mean the price point is freaking fantastic and the female body looks good to me. I'm no sculptor but I spent a few years trying to break into the comic business and studied a lot of "superhero" anatomy. Certainly doesn't make me an expert but hopefully it is a somewhat educated feedback.


                        • JediJaida
                          Talkative Member
                          • Jun 14, 2008
                          • 5671

                          Thank You God!!! I absolutely DESPISE the rubber bands!

                          No more wiggly neck post, no more rubber bands popping!

                          This new body looks really nice Paul. I can't wait to get a hold of one or two.


                          • Gorn Captain
                            Invincible Ironing Man
                            • Feb 28, 2008
                            • 10549

                            Looks great, and the price is right!
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                            • megozilla13
                              Persistent Member
                              • May 10, 2002
                              • 1702

                              I'm surprised no one said it besides SR Dagon, but the proportions and the anatomy of the male body are really off. I hope my comments won't be taken the wrong way, perhaps I am even misunderstanding the intent, but also the articulation looks like it was designed in the 70's, which to me isn't a good thing.

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