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Is FTC going out of business?

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  • Sonneveld
    New Member
    • Sep 29, 2013
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    Is FTC going out of business?

    Is FTC going out of business, or maybe transitioning to different products?

    They are selling off prototypes, having fire sales, and it doesn't look they are adding any new Warner Bros owned characters, from DC or HB.
  • Krypt0nite
    • Feb 13, 2010
    • 937

    That's the $64,000 question.

    They still have a few releases trickling out---Deadman and SF Hawkman recently, so I hope there are still a few more to come.


    • Sonneveld
      New Member
      • Sep 29, 2013
      • 9

      I wonder if Mego's reappearance nixed FTC's contract with Warner Bros.

      Unless Diamond Select still has the Marvel contract for 8" figures, hopefully FTC can pivot to those characters, in addition to the wrestling line.

      What a shame.


      • CrimsonGhost
        Often invisible
        • Jul 18, 2002
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        I anticipate them doing more wrestling figures.

        Also, Megos reappearance didnít nix FTCs license. They are two different licenses and both companies have held them simultaneously since 2018.
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        • Brown Bear
          Still Old School
          • Feb 14, 2008
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          It's unfortunate what they charge for shipping to Canada. It's expensive to ship here anyway but their shipping charges are just ridiculously high. Had to pass on orders because the shipping was double the cost of the order. If they figured that out, I'd order from them a lot more.
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          • Type3Toys
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            • Jan 18, 2005
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            Well, either way, whoever gets marvel wins.
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            • JWLJN
              Veteran Member
              • May 7, 2013
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              I really don't think so. A lot of collectors put down their wrestling line because it's based on the Jakks WWE design from twenty years ago and isn't really modern anymore compared to other figures out there now, but they still very well. They do wrestlers that, for a myriad of reasons, no one else will make. They're also going to be making bank now that they're cranking out the legendary tag team The Midnight Express. There are endless variants to do, the fans of the team and manager Jim Cornette will eat them up, and the members of the team themselves have had very few figures with one getting his first figure this way.

              They get badmouthed on social media, but people buy them. I review them a lot partially because I do like the wrestlers that they sign and partially because I have a partnership/sponsor/whatever code and I get a LOT of views on those blog entries.



              • palitoy
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                • Jun 16, 2001
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                They're announcing something new tomorrow; everybody has sales now and then.
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