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Jumpsuit variations, LSO and Scramble

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  • drquest
    • Apr 17, 2012
    • 3774

    Jumpsuit variations, LSO and Scramble

    So there's quite a number of color variations in the vintage GiJoe world.

    These two kind of interesting, at least interesting enough for me to have the variations.

    The one on the left is the standard tan LSO jumpsuit, with the sewn on stripes. The one on the right is the same jumpsuit, but without the sewn on stripes. The stripes were never on the jumpsuit, it's completely without any holes and I've seen several examples of this. I'm using it as an LSO variation in this picture, but some have claimed to see this as a later issue coffin box Action Pilot.

    This is an Action Pilot Scramble variation. The one on the right is the more commonly found gray jumpsuit(sometimes will be found in a very dark gray). The left one is the Scramble jumpsuit in tan. Uncommon but not extremely rare. There is a white version that has been found, and is usually called out as being the early talking Astronaut jumpsuit, but in almost every case I've seen those it has been a bleached standard scramble jumpsuit so buyer beware.

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  • PNGwynne
    Master of Fowl Play
    • Jun 5, 2008
    • 19505

    Nice, I admire the LSO and have yet to find a nice jumpsuit for a kitbash. And I'd never seen a tan pilot until now.
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