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Bionic Man(not Atomic Man) Jumpsuits

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  • drquest
    • Apr 17, 2012
    • 3775

    Bionic Man(not Atomic Man) Jumpsuits

    It seems Hasbro was going to call Mike Powers Atomic Man, Bionic Man in the beginning. It seems it was too close of a clash with another Bionic Man and they changed the name quickly to Atomic Man.

    I've seen some of the tagged jumpsuits from time to time but have never seen a full set of them like this.

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  • palitoy
    live. laugh. lisa needs braces
    • Jun 16, 2001
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    I've heard that too, guess this is hard evidence.
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    • Mikey
      Verbose Member
      • Aug 9, 2001
      • 47251

      Dang !!!


      • Neutron X
        Persistent Member
        • Dec 22, 2007
        • 1803

        Very Cool! I have had little luck in getting the Bionic Man versions.But Atomic Man and Gijoe Sea Adventurer had lots of adventures in my childhood.


        • jwyblejr
          galactic yo-yo
          • Apr 6, 2006
          • 11147

          Wasn't the story Don Levine wanted Hasbro to land the rights to Six Million Dollar Man but passed,then when the series became a hit they tried to go this route?