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Toy-Ventures: Planet of the Apes Time Capsule

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    Museum Robot
    • May 9, 2007
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    Toy-Ventures: Planet of the Apes Time Capsule Toy-Ventures is about a fantastic Planet of the Apes toy time capsule I received. It’s about trust and finding a kindred soul you’ve never met. This episode is a really positive experience. This episode delves into Rack Toys, Planet of the Apes, Mego Knock-Off figures, Trading Cards or Non-Sports cards, AHI, Croner toys, Scanlens, […]
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  • Confessional
    Maker & Whatnot
    • Aug 8, 2012
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    That's really fun as a unique and cherished Aussie Apes collection!… I just love the history of global Apemania!

    Very cool to see another version of the AHI Parachutists too.

    The poster is a Newton Comics promo (visible on the back of Issue #4, in a contest in which they gave away a five sets of Toltoys/Mego Apes).

    I think the costume piece might be part of the one of those contests/giveaways too. I've always been curious if anyone ever fully documented those items, but they produced and gave stuff away throughout the print run. This book may have oracle-level intel: