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My Super Powers Collection

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  • ksp
    • Apr 4, 2010
    • 77

    My Super Powers Collection

    Howdy everyone. Here's a post I put on some other forums detailing my Super Powers collection and figured some of you here might appreciate it.


    I believe I have the best I can do here. Angles in the bedroom are tough to get stuff on the bottom shelves (like the sleeping bag and the duffel bag). Lighting is horrible in the bedroom and with the large sliding door in the living room it's nearly impossible to get clean shots even with a tripod and timer. I hate using the flash. Anyway, here is nearly everything I have! Enjoy the pics.

    Edit : I was asked to make up some captions so stuff people wonder about is identified.

    Limited edition Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez print #AP3, VHS Collection promo poster, Free Poster Offer poster proof sheet

    Brazilian sticker album, sealed carrying case, Burger King counter cup display, full set of 9 Gulliver Columbian MOC figures (including both Capitan Rayo variants), bottom shelf - Palitoy (UK) Robin, Canadian Luthor, Spanish Super Poderes Luthor & Penguin, unused Burger King boxes, unseen below photo cutoff - sleeping bag

    Empty assortment 67000 case, Burger King proto 4-sided mobile, sealed Jaymar floor puzzles, MOC Estrela (Brazil) figures, bottom shelf - Estrela Hawkman flanked by both Lili Ledy Wonder Woman MOC variants, unseen below photo cutoff - Superman backpack, 4" Batman & Robin button and Super Powers gym bag

    Burger King promo toy banner, VHS collection promo standee, Supergirl vehicle concept presentation board, loose Estrela figures, Listen & Look book MOC, set of 4 Signature Stamp Sets MOC, set of 4 Stain-a-Sticker sets MOC, both party tablecloths sealed, party centerpiece MIP, Darkseid Saga promo record and both variants of the Hi-Flier Kites, sealed

    Empty assortment 67600 case, MOC Trilingual figures (all but Superman & Luthor with Free Poster stickers), MOC Canadian Shell Gas Station figures, Kenner 1984-85 advertising promo catalogs and 1986 Toy Fair catalog, bottom shelf below cutoff - four Clark Kent mail-ins bound together, empty Darkseid shipping case, SunShiner Kit MOC, Cromy Super Amigos card game

    Estrela Supermobile loose, framed promo team ad slicks, near-final logo concept on acetate overlay, "Power Action Toys" shelf talker, MOC Pacipa and Playful Super Amigos, another shelf talker, advertising line art, new school folder, sealed WW & Superman cups, MIB Sidewalk Artist set, bottom shelf below cutoff - UK metal perpetual calendar, Super Amigos sealed puzzles

    All worldwide Delta Probe One releases MIB, MOC Playful & Pacipa Super Amigos

    Unreleased All-Terrain Trapper vehicle cromalin proof, fan-made t-shirt

    Burger King in-store promo translites, sealed Jaymar floor puzzles, jumbo coloring book, Batman & Superman mirrors, above photo cutoff - party loot bags, Superman jointed figure, 1988 wall calendar

    Sealed book & tape set, Superman bop bags MIB, Viewmaster Canister set, fan-made Batgirl print, set of WBSS drinking glasses, button countertop bin display, bumper sticker, Lili Ledy overstock parts & heads, See & Read VHS test MOC, UK exclusive VHS set, regular US VHS & Beta releases, Super Amigos Superman VHS, another shelf talker, View Master MIB, See & Read VHS tapes, more DCUC & loose SP figures, sealed MPC model kits, sealed SP board game, unreleased SP characters in DCUC figures, another shelf talker, MOC Craftmaster paint-a-figurines

    Windsock loose, Batman bop bag, unused logo pencil concepts, sealed book & tape sets, Luthor card back catalog proof of purchase

    All worldwide Supermobile releases MIB, MIB Craftmaster stain painting sets, loose SP & DCUC figures, Canada Fancy Super Powers french fries package, full set of mini-comics, both MIB variants of the Commodore/Atari computer game, unused color logo concepts on acetate overlays, loose SP & DCUC figures, Superman bop bag loose, bottom two shelves - MOC, loose, MIP Chinese & Mexican bootlegs, color package MIP Hi-Flier kite

    SP coloring books, SP Brazil release coloring books, Villains coloring book with alternate villain artwork, Anti-coloring book, Dr. Fate 23-back cromalin proof, Australian Desaad MOC, catalog release Desaad MOC, Green Arrow 23-back proof, SP playhouse MIB

    Unused card backs, sealed book & record sets, MOC lip balm & sticker sets, MOC flashlights, mini-coloring book, wrapping paper MIP, Presidential fitness book, Burger King promo instruction flier, mail-in Superman cape, first-shot figures & heads, sealed windsock, Craftmaster sealed puzzles, WBSS exclusive temp tattoo sets, DC Superheroes sealed soap, sealed Nasta sunglasses, sealed Jaymar kids puzzles, sealed puffy sticker set of 4, set of 4 Which-Way books

    Palitoy (UK) 12-backs MOC, sealed Valentine's MIB, kids slippers & baby sneakers, MOC Superman watch, Plastic Man carded sample, baseball mesh hat, leather kids belt, Kenner Give-A-Show projector, Batman Fruit-n-Nut wrapper, Chile exclusive Day Planner, MIB Nerf Flyers, MOC puffy stickers, MIB Play Doh set, sealed Burger King meal toys, sealed WBSS exclusive pins, 23-back Kalibak and Steppenwolf MOC, MOC Nibo Penguin, Superman Backpack, SP lunch box & thermos, Kenner t-shirt, MOC SP Crayon art set, Amazing Mom sweepstakes counter display, loose SP & DCUC figures

    12-back proof cards, Desaad proof card, cromalin proof & 23-back MOC, Parademon proof card, cromalin proof & 23-back MOC, Brainiac focus (MOC from Spain, Canada, US variations, catalog release, Trilingual, 12-back proof card, baggie variations, mini-comics

    Rare retail SP Justice League group shot poster

    33-back proof cards (including unreleased Luthor & Brainiac), 33-back re-releases (full set including Red Tornado and "sample" hybrid of Pharaoh/Dr. Fate)

    Tower of Darkness conceptual drawing, 33-back hand painted MOC ToyFair sample of Samurai and MOC Firestorm ToyFair carded sample, series 3 MOC figures (most NM/MT & unpunched


  • Anarchy
    Career Member
    • May 26, 2009
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    thats incredible!!!! thanks for sharing.
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    • vulcan2074
      Live Long and Prosper
      • Mar 23, 2008
      • 7811

      Wow! Now that is one Spectacular sight to see. Thanks for posting.


      • ScottA
        Original Member
        • Jun 25, 2001
        • 12264

        Holy Moly! Fantastic.
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        • EmergencyIan
          Museum Paramedic
          • Aug 31, 2005
          • 5470

          I've loved Super Powers for the first time I saw them. That, my friend, is an outstanding (out of this world) collection!

          - Ian
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          • Afaninfull
            Museum Super Collector
            • Nov 23, 2010
            • 228

            The one thing I regret selling was my Super Powers. I was a poor college kid...

            Your collection is astonishing, Chip. Thanks for sharing!


            • vintage spideyfan
              Web Wobbler
              • May 12, 2007
              • 1526

              WOW!!! Thanks for sharing.
              Looking for MOC Pocket Super Heroes...
              Good Trader List


              • BENDY
                Career Member
                • Jan 28, 2003
                • 732



                • Brue
                  User without title
                  • Sep 29, 2005
                  • 4241

                  very impressive

                  welcome to the museum


                  • Sandman9580
                    Career Member
                    • Feb 16, 2010
                    • 741

                    Wow. I am in awe.


                    • B-Lister
                      Eccentric Weirdo
                      • Mar 19, 2010
                      • 2959

                      Chip, no matter where you post this, I don't get tired of seeing it!
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                      • B-Lister
                        Eccentric Weirdo
                        • Mar 19, 2010
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                        Originally posted by EmergencyIan
                        I've loved Super Powers for the first time I saw them. That, my friend, is an outstanding (out of this world) collection!

                        - Ian
                        It is one of the premiere collections. His collection of preproduction material alone makes it one of the outstanding TOY collections in the world, let alone a specific line.

                        I can't say it's unrivaled, but it's definitely got a lot of prestige! I'm happy to count him amongst my long time online friends! (Sorry Chip, I'm basking in your reflected glory, bro!) He has definitely helped my personal collection (He's improved the grades of several key pieces, and helped me to complete my Hall of Justice).
                        Looking for Green Arrow accessories, Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver, and Japanese Popy Megos (Battle Cossack and France, Battle of the Planets, Kamen Rider, Ultraman) and World Heroes figures


                        • pepi
                          • Jan 9, 2009
                          • 71

                          Would I be safe to assume you like Super Powers?


                          • Richard J. Fowlks
                            repeat offender
                            • Feb 10, 2010
                            • 162

                            Ho-lee cow!!! You are my hero. An astounding collection!!!


                            • MLoudin
                              Possessed by Megos
                              • Sep 13, 2007
                              • 458

                              GOOD GOD! What an amazing collection!!!