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WGSH 2 Packs

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  • The Toyroom
    The Packaging King
    • Dec 31, 2004
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    WGSH 2 Packs

    Author: Anthony Durso (The Toyroom)
    Line: WGSH
    Toy Execution: Custom
    Packaging Execution: Anthony Durso
    Toy Customizers/Collaborators: N/A
    Author Notes: The plan is move existing stock in the WGSH line, as well as create the opportunity to release new figures by pairing them up on a double blister card. Either as a hero team-up or a hero/villain "vs." concept, all under the WGSH brand. There will be an initial 6 DC pairings and 6 Marvel Pairings.

    In addition, a sub-set under the "Super Pals" brand will be created, pairing up the Teen Titans with their JLA counterparts...including The Flash! (Thanks to Benjamin Holcomb for the initial idea on this segment. Benjamin had to bow out of the project early on but I figured I'd include it under the umbrella)


    The Super-Pals:

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  • SUP-Ronin
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    • Oct 8, 2007
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    They're ok.

    Think outside the box and do something crappy for once.

    These are sharp, Anthony. Very professional. I was expecting Human Torch with Thing, but I'm sure you can do that too. I Think I like the Captain with Iron Man, and Captain with Falcon the best. Or maybe Spidy and Lizard. But the Green Team is cool too and so is Supes and Lex. Ok, I think I like the combo of good and bad guys together, then they can battle each other.
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    • Bo8a_Fett
      Pat Troughton in disguise
      • Nov 21, 2007
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      nice...really nice
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      • livnxxxl
        Megoholic RocketScientist
        • Oct 23, 2007
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        Me like a lot.
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        Too much space. Need more toys!

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        • Meule
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          • Nov 14, 2004
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          Totally cool
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          • Captain
            Fighting the good fight!
            • Jun 17, 2001
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            Cool. too bad Mego didnt think of doing this back in the day.
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            • toys2cool
              Ultimate Mego Warrior
              • Nov 27, 2006
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              cool,that would've been awesome back then
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              • monkey tennis
                "Kiss my face."
                • Jun 8, 2007
                • 2267

                That is such a good idea
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                • SlipperyLilSuckers
                  • May 14, 2003
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                  Just beautiful Anthony. Great idea.


                  • batty
                    Museum Super Collector
                    • Mar 9, 2006
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                    Awsome! Now if only there was a clamshell made for 'em.....I smell marketing!!


                    • huedell
                      Museum Ball Eater
                      • Dec 31, 2003
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                      Just awesome---I love seeing the classic stock art used in this new way

                      Favorite thing? The addition of the F4 characters on the BACK of a WGSH card
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                      • MEGOMAN
                        Defender of the Megoverse
                        • Dec 30, 2008
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                        These are really insane. God I hope EMCE gets to do the WGSH!
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                        • yokaijohn
                          Keep it coolin', baby
                          • Oct 1, 2008
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                          Monsters and much more by YokaiJohn on Etsy


                          • yokaijohn
                            Keep it coolin', baby
                            • Oct 1, 2008
                            • 1439

                            Monsters and much more by YokaiJohn on Etsy


                            • goldenryan
                              coy member
                              • Jul 13, 2007
                              • 1467

                              very nice, anthony. doesn't look that different from what mego would have done.