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Mego Museum Announces the 1978 Re: Imagine Project

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  • PCofmisfittoys
    • Oct 17, 2007
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    Originally posted by HardyGirl
    HAHA Hulk!

    PCofMisfittoys: The first and second seasons of the Hardy Boys are available on DVD from
    that will be a CHristmas present for my sis for sure..need to check ebay


    • Dave Mc
      • Oct 20, 2002
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      Obviously EVERYTHING can't be included, that could potentially be a BIG catalog.

      We also don't really want to make it a contest of any sorts. There isn't really anything to "win". Basically (and we're still working this out, so hang in there with us), former Mego employee's will select (just like they did back in the day) items that will be "released" for the upcoming year from the larger group. So the goal here would be to create something that is very Mego circa 1978 and would blend in with their 1978 lineup of products.

      So you are right, everything will not be in the catalog automatically, it's only a few pages long! Everything will of course be presented here, but what makes print is actually up to the Mego people.

      It's kind of our opportunity to "pitch" Mego on our own lines and line extentions, and see if they bite.


      • PCofmisfittoys
        • Oct 17, 2007
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        it's a great idea for sure. I know I have pitched ideas to clients that went well and well very badly so it's an up and down thing. ( billboards for the American Red Cross comes to mind)
        I would hope that a various cross section of the members is included and not just everything produced by the moderators or top contributors. It would seem to include a variety of skill level as well.


        • Dave Mc
          • Oct 20, 2002
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          PC, I'm not sure what you are getting at here. Everything will be presented to the Mego folks. They'll see what we all see here. We want EVERYONE to play, and encourage it. I'm not sure where you are coming from with this "everything produced by the moderators" thing or "top contributers" thing. We don't have a history of that. If anything, we tend to exclude the moderation staff from playing in the reindeer games, although on this one, I'd like to play. I'd like to get in on the fun of it like everyone else.


          • EMCE Hammer
            Moderation Engineer
            • Aug 14, 2003
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            Considering that the mods aren't part of the selection "committee," I think it would be a bunch of crap if they couldn't take part. They are all talented, and should have a chance to pitch their work and join in the fun. If it's doable, all work can be submitted to the "committee" without names attached so that there aren't allegations of favoritism if Dave, Ant, Brian, Scott, Joe or anyone else directly involved does get something chosen.


            • gman
              Persistent Member
              • Sep 4, 2002
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              I am not worried about favoritism or any of that stuff.... I just wanted to be sure I understood how things were going to done. Not trying to start anything I just want to be clear. I am looking forward to this and think it's going to be alot of fun.
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              • Meule
                Verbose Member
                • Nov 14, 2004
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                Personally, I couldn't care less who makes the catalog and who doesn't. What matters is that we'll get a 1978 Mego catalog as close to the real thing as possible since Mego people get to choose what makes the cut and what doesn't.
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                • PCofmisfittoys
                  • Oct 17, 2007
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                  i wasn't trying to start anything either , just asking the questions. Either way I want to buy one to see what everone does and the ideas that people come up with and I only collecting the MEGO smaller figure lines .


                  • Dave Mc
                    • Oct 20, 2002
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                    Hang in there then gang. We're still working out the exact how- to's and we'll get them posted soon. In the meantime, start thinking up projects you've done that you would like to submit. Start thinking of new projects you'd like to do that would fit. Start forming teams if you have to and start brainstorming. This is a great opportunity to show, not only the Museum, but all the toy collecting community what a great toy line this is, and what kind of talent we as a community have. Besides all that, it should be a total blast.


                    • JDeRouen
                      Author of Small Things
                      • Jun 14, 2001
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                      That's really cool!!
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                      • batmanmc
                        mego batman collector
                        • Jun 22, 2004
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                        Gotham City Hall Playset


                        • twilitezoner
                          Veteran Member
                          • Nov 18, 2007
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                          How about a line of Ultraman figures along with a Science Patrol playset. A Johnny Sokko line would be cool as well.


                          • LadyZod
                            Superman's Gal Pal
                            • Jan 27, 2007
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                            Considering this is 1977, with a projection of what to sell in 1978, and oil being an issue (when isn't it, right?) I say Mego scales back production on 8 inch, and goes for the more cost effective 3 3/4 inch scale that Micronauts have proven to be lucrative!

                            With that being said, Starsky and Hutch need to be given a 3 3/4inch make over! Complete with plastic shell car, and alley or jail playset! (Think Dukes, repainted)

                            How about Happy Days in 3 3/4? The Fonz with kinetic motocycle with a daredevil like set up to get a piece of that Ideal Evel Knievel market!

                            A refinement of the WGSH/Pocket Hero line with new, better Micronaut level articulation. Black Hole? Buck Rogers? No. Superman, Batman and Spiderman, my friends!

                            Now, I just need someone with more talent than me to make this happen.
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                            • Sowth
                              Career Member
                              • Mar 14, 2006
                              • 889

                              Fun idea guys, love the stuff that has already been presented too!

                              How about "Worlds Greatest PoopaTroopers - Drop them All!"

                              Yes I know they were Imperial but Mego didn't have a license to make stretch heroes either you'll recall...

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                              • The Kryptonite Kid
                                Museum Gunslinger
                                • Oct 15, 2007
                                • 1230

                                How about...New Gods!

                                Hey Everyone, I had an idea for a new 1978 toyline...How about The New Gods! That's right, I think Mr. Kirby's NG's are definitely worthy of their own line. I will soon be done with my second custom, a classic Mego styled Orion, and I was wondering If anyone else out there would be interested in sharing their New Gods creations, done in the classic style only to preserve authenticity (no offense to anyone who uses type 3 bodies), to make a NG line. Mr. Miracle, Darkseid, Lightray, The Black Racer, etc...Let me know what you think. I am also willing to produce cards for the figures. I'm really excited about this catalog!

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