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Mego Museum Announces the 1978 Re: Imagine Project

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    Museum Robot
    • May 9, 2007
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    Mego Museum Announces the 1978 Re: Imagine Project

    Presenting 1978 Re: Imagine, the latest endeavour from the Mego
    Museum and a project for all Mego heads.

    The Mego Museum is turning back the clock to 1978 and asking YOU to join the Research and Development department. Show us what lines you'd make. Would it be a new series of World's Greatest Superheroes or would Planet of the Apes make a comeback? A fourth wave for Star Trek or a new line from the 1978 TV season? Did Mego grab the Star Wars license just in time? What changes were in store for the Micronauts?

    The goal: To create a 12 page color catalog which illustrates our
    collective fantasies of what Mego might have been in 1978 and to
    showcase the creative ingenuity of the Mego Community through:

    •Custom action figure projects (New or previously created)
    •Original package design

    •Concept art (illustration, graphic design, computer generated imagery)

    It's all your call: Team up and collaborate. Design, create, present ideas in the Museum Forum. Every one can be a part of 1978.

    Guidelines will be posted on the Mego Museum Forum this week and the
    re:Imagined lineup will be selected this February 20th (just in time for Toy
    Fair) by a team that will include former Mego employees. The project will be coordinated by CustomMego's Dave McCormick and Museum Curator Brian Heiler. Selected submissions will be photographed by World's Greatest Toys Author Benjamin Holcomb and Mego Museum artist Scott Adams and put into a Mego style product catalog, the first publication from, which will be sold Summer 2008. Proceeds to fund future Mego Museum projects.

    This is your chance to create the toys we've all wanted Mego to make and get them approved by the Mego creative staff themselves!

    Reimagine 1978 with the Mego Museum!

    UPDATE: 1978 Project Timetable

    Phase 1 — Brainstorming

    This phase has already begun. Members are invited to continue to post product ideas. Recommendations are not necessary…it's gotta be something you can actually produce! If you want to see someone else's exquisite custom piece included, please ask them to post the item themselves. Photos of pre-existing or work-in-progress customs are encouraged, as they will give folks a visual idea of what you propose.

    Phase 2 — Pitching to R&D:

    On January 1, we will create a special new 1978 Forum. This is where formal submissions to the project will be made between January 1-February 17th. You may post as many submissions as you like at any time, but please use this format to enter them:

    [Project/Concept Title]
    Author: [Your Name (Your MM ID)]
    Line: [Mego Line]
    Toy Execution (Vintage, Custom or Digital Art): [Choose One, or TBD]
    Packaging Execution (Custom or Digital Art): [Choose One, or TBD]
    Toy Customizers/Collaborators: [Choose One, or TBD]
    Packaging Customizers/Collaborators: [Choose One, or TBD]
    Author Notes: [Your inspiration or reason behind concept]

    Phase 3: Choosing the Product Line:

    During the Toy Fair week of February 18th-22nd (an historically accurate Toy Fair date!) submissions will be reviewed by the project team with input from some former Mego employees and 60 products will be chosen for inclusion to the catalog.

    Phase 4: Catalog Creation

    Chosen submissions must be mailed by March 1st to Benjamin Holcomb and Scott Adams, who will photograph the products and design a gorgeous, authentic catalog! Please note that creators will be asked to cover shipping (with insurance) costs both to and from California. In shooting photographs for Mego 8" Super-Heroes: World's Greatest Toys!, Benjamin handled literally thousands of beloved, rare toys, and not one toy was damaged… so rest assured your creations are in good hands.

    This keepsake catalog will be distributed through, at Mego Meet and at San Diego Comic-Con.

    We look forward to your participation!


    The Mego Museum 1978 Project Team
    Brian, Scott, Dave and Benjamin
  • Earth 2 Chris
    Verbose Member
    • Mar 7, 2004
    • 32598


    This sounds incredibly fun.

    You guys are the best, and this is the best place on the web.



    • rchatlin
      Talkative Member
      • Jun 24, 2001
      • 5766

      I can't wait to see the ideas everyone contributes.

      Kudo's to Brian, Dave, Scott and Benjamin for this exciting project.



      • toys2cool
        Ultimate Mego Warrior
        • Nov 27, 2006
        • 28605

        That's a great idea guys,wow I would've had a great one if it would've been 1980
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          Museum Chaplain
          • Nov 26, 2002
          • 2419

          Aw man...I wish I had a creative bone....I know what I would do...but have no prayer of making a cool looking custom.

          That's an AWESOME idea though!
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          • Meule
            Verbose Member
            • Nov 14, 2004
            • 28720

            Oh wow, what a great and original idea. With all the talent we have here this should prove very interesting
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            • The Toyroom
              The Packaging King
              • Dec 31, 2004
              • 16653

              Awesome idea!
              Think OUTSIDE the Box! For the BEST in Repro & Custom Packaging!


              • PCofmisfittoys
                • Oct 17, 2007
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                pretty cool ideas for sure. this should keep my illustrator programs busy for a while . sounds very fun and win or lose I would like to buy the final catalog for sure.


                • mitchedwards
                  Mego Preservation Society
                  • May 2, 2003
                  • 11781

                  This will be really cool to see.

                  Think B.A. Where did you hide the Megos?


                  • megoscott
                    Founding Partner
                    • Nov 17, 2006
                    • 8710

                    I hope it gets the creative juices flowing! Ever since we did that fake catalog page for the Vinny Baiera interview I've wanted to do a whole catalog, and after all the great customs we've seen over the past 10 years I know we can fill a catalog with dream Mego goodness! I'm thrilled that Benjamin is excited to do photography for it---He's become a master of Mego studio photography and a huge expert in how they did things like this. I think it will be a creative and educational experience for everyone.
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                    • UOBob
                      Mostly Harmless
                      • Jul 18, 2006
                      • 751

                      Wow, what a great idea! I can't wait!
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                      • palitoy
                        live. laugh. lisa needs braces
                        • Jun 16, 2001
                        • 59333

                        I'm really hopeful this is a project that everyone will get behind and have a lot of fun. This thing has already got a great energy about it and I'd love to see that spread.
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                        • imp
                          Mego Book Author
                          • Apr 20, 2003
                          • 1579

                          Originally posted by SUPERUNDERDOGGIE
                          Aw man...I wish I had a creative bone....I know what I would do...but have no prayer of making a cool looking custom.

                          That's an AWESOME idea though!
                          Dan, your response is exactly what I was hoping for. I see this project as an amazing opportunity for Mego heads to collaborate and work together to create Mego art. I am not a customizer, but I have some killer ideas that I hope will allow me to pair up with a customizer who can help me realize it.

                          I hope you will post your idea(s), because I suspect you will have several responses from other Mego heads who can make your idea a reality. Please share, as concepts are what will drive the project; execution is what will make it memorable.



                          • sauce
                            • Jun 24, 2007
                            • 3491

                            Wow! Great project! I'm getting my wheels turning. And yes, I agree that the non-customizers play just as important a role in this with their ideas.


                            • Megospidey
                              Museum Webslinger
                              • Jul 26, 2006
                              • 5305

                              love it - love it - love it!

                              I will donate what little customizing skills I have to anyone who has a project in mind. Just let me know.