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Mego Meet Customs auction - pics only

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  • EMCE Hammer
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    • Aug 14, 2003
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    Mego Meet Customs auction - pics only

    From Derek Combs:

    From Jim Hampton - note the one for the auction is the GOLD ONLY:

    From Brian Leitner:

    From Joe Hanus:

    From Ed Nagy:

    From Scott Pierce:

    From Mego Museum:

    Not pictured:

    Pulsar from Chris Johnson and The Spirit from Derek Richardson.

    Also not pictured: Custom collaboration with Scott Pierce. Winning bidder will work with Scott to create a new figure of their own design, or one of an existing figure if they so choose.

    Thanks to everyone - this thread is for pics only. More added as they are available. Discussion thread here:

    Mego Meet Customs Auction - Mego Talk
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