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  • megowgsh
    Customego HoF Curator
    • Nov 19, 2003
    • 7420

    Mego Meet Want Lists

    I am hoping the mods will make this a sticky thread so everybody who is attending MM can post in the same thread what they are hoping to find there and also see if they have anything others are looking for so they make sure to bring it.

    Here is what I'll be on the prowl for at MM2010 :

    Mego Fonzie or Chips motorcycles
    Mego AJ secret spy outfits
    Mego Mobile Bat Lab net catcher thingy
    Mego Black Kight head
    Mego AJ Cowboy hat
    Mego Wonder Woman head (hair must be nice but no worries on the paint)
    Vintage He-Man Buzz-Off figure loose and complete
    Mego Thor hammer (repro OK)
    Mego Aqualad head
    Fist Fighting Cap
    Fist Fighting Supes
    Fist Fighting Lizard
    Original Mego Green Arrow, Speedy or Robin Hood bows
    Mego Iron Man suit
    Famous Covers Wolverine gloves
    X-Men Evolution Mutant Outcasts Wolverine (really want just his boots but will take lose figure too)
    Pulsar by Mattel
    Hypnos his enemy
    JJ Armes boxed
    The original run of Castaway boots from a couple years back, any and all colors
    Mego 12" Steve Trevor head (I want to mold this and shrink it to 8" so if somebody wants to lend it to me and I'll mail it back to them that is cool too)
    Mego sized Plastic Man head preferably the one Doc offered on his site
    Loose Dick Tracy figures from the 1990 movie (also want to mold these and use for 8" customs so lending is also an option)
    Loose Castaway Captain Action and Dr Evil
    Loose castaway Phantom
    14" Sentinel figure from the 1990s X-Men animated cartoon
    Tridents for my Submariner and Aquaman customs
    Herbie the robot from the FF action figure pack a few years back (another lend it to me to mold and re-cast opportunity)
    And, of course, Aquaman v Great White Shark (I am hoping Huckabone will show up with one)

    Thanks for looking and pm/email me to let me know if you can help on any of these.

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  • megowgsh
    Customego HoF Curator
    • Nov 19, 2003
    • 7420

    Thanks for making this "sticky"

    Please post your lists here everybody.
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    • samurainoir
      Eloquent Member
      • Dec 26, 2006
      • 18758

      Gatchaman Ken Popy!
      My store in the MEGO MALL!



      • AcroRay
        Persistent Member
        • Apr 17, 2005
        • 1010

        I REALLY NEED a Magno-Power (like Baron Karza) Batman left leg & cape, and Superman left arm & head.

        I'm thinking of picking up a WGSH Hulk. I want a color-matching body, but don't need his costume. (I'll just make some ripped-up pants.)

        EMCE Gorn, too.

        I'd like a Popy Gatchaman Ken, too - since he's one of my grail toys - but I don't have that kind'a cash to spend on one.
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        • rche
          channeling Bob Wills
          • Mar 26, 2008
          • 7388

          I sure wish I could make it out to the meet so I could find some AJ camper parts and some Tex.
          Yeah, that would be nice.


          • VintageMike
            Permanent Member
            • Dec 16, 2004
            • 3379

            Not sure how my funds will be come Meet time, but I'll be probably be looking for the following.

            Loose: Conan, Isis, Bo Duke

            Boxed: Falcon

            '79 carded Batman

            Original Thing Box

            Possibly Supergirl depending on what else I get as all the accessories on my mine are repro except for one shoe.


            • SlipperyLilSuckers
              • May 14, 2003
              • 9031

              Besides a Popy Gatchaman Ken, I just want to be there.


              • CaptainTrenchcoat
                Career Member
                • Jul 6, 2006
                • 858

                What's a Gatchaman popy Mark look like? I unfortunately can't make it again. If someone could pick up a Castaway green trench coat, I'd appreciate it. They sold these at their table last year but not on their website.


                • Flynne
                  Permanent Member
                  • Jan 22, 2003
                  • 3008

                  I'm always on the lookout for:

                  Denim Carded Pocket Heroes (any figure, any distributor)
                  Denys Fisher TARDIS, K9, and any Doctor Who figure parts
                  Custom Parts
                  Megos that need a solid cleaning
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                  • weatherwizard-Corey
                    Museum Super Collector
                    • Jul 1, 2008
                    • 170

                    12" Spiderman, t2 aquaman, 8" hulk, die cast batman, t2 shazam suit. t2 batman glove and belt and cape and perhaps an 8" wonder woman. All loose and good to very good shape.
                    Wanted:- 12" Robin Shoes; Mego Batcave, Mego Die-cast Batman-loose, Mattel-BSG Gold Cylon loose.


                    • ScottA
                      Original Member
                      • Jun 25, 2001
                      • 12264

                      2 Pirate pistols
                      Rook Super Girl
                      T1 Green Goblin
                      Silk Screen Supergirl
                      Wonder Woman large stars
                      Superman Large S
                      CAH Wonder Woman Invisible Jet playset
                      Invisible Girl MIB
                      Green Goblin MIB
                      Batman capes
                      Batgirl cape
                      Robin gloves
                      Green Arrow hat
                      Green Goblin bag
                      Riddler belt
                      sigpic WANTED: Boxed, Carded and Kresge Carded WGSH


                      • NewForce
                        Persistent Member
                        • Apr 5, 2008
                        • 1592

                        I just need a carded Green goblin and a solid box Robin...then I would feel "complete"


                        • boss
                          Talkative Member
                          • Jun 18, 2003
                          • 7209

                          MOC WGSH... of the DC kind
                          Fresh, not from concentrate.


                          • NewForce
                            Persistent Member
                            • Apr 5, 2008
                            • 1592

                            I actually have dupes of almost all DC and Marvel MOC figures...wonder if I should set up a table?


                            • megowgsh
                              Customego HoF Curator
                              • Nov 19, 2003
                              • 7420

                              ^^^ that would be a wise move
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