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MegoMeet 2008 Pictorial

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  • WannabeMego
    Made in the USA
    • May 2, 2003
    • 2170

    MegoMeet 2008 Pictorial

    Hey All ~

    Like most...I had a blast, but I am too exhausted to do any justice in expressing my thoughts at this time, so instead...

    Here ya go gentlemen...All 402 of them

    Enjoy...for now...I'll be back to post my thoughts as soon as I get them back .


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  • Dave Mc
    • Oct 20, 2002
    • 17827

    Hey Tom, thanks again for being the official Meet photographer and for providing the pics for all to see. It's more appreciated than you know.


    • ScottA
      Original Member
      • Jun 25, 2001
      • 12264

      Nicely done again my friend. I can think of only ONE time he "lost" his camera (twice)
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      • miguet
        Persistent Member
        • Dec 11, 2007
        • 912

        Wow, it took me awhile to go through all those pictures! Thanks Tom for taking the pictures and sharing it with us.


        • Mr Havoc
          Veteran Member
          • Mar 27, 2008
          • 331

          Nice, wow lots of pics makes me wish I could have been there.


          • Hotfoot
            Dazed and Confused
            • Dec 30, 2007
            • 2564

            Awesome Pics. At least I can put my insomnia to some good use tonight and enjoy some in depth picture viewing. Looks like everyone had a blast!
            Too many toys. Not enough space!


            • Hulk
              Mayor of Megoville
              • May 10, 2003
              • 16007

              The fun and games brilliantly captured once again. Bravo Tom!


              • jessica
                fortune favors the bold
                • Nov 5, 2007
                • 4589

                Wow---these are great photos. Where are the gurrrls? Looks like it was a lot of fun.

                Where do you get those nice acrylic boxes and how much are they? I think my Taylor deserves better than a sandwich baggie, even if it is the ziplock kind...
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                • megowgsh
                  Customego HoF Curator
                  • Nov 19, 2003
                  • 7420

                  Tom, you are a gentleman and a scholar!

                  I am going to dub you Mego Museum's "stealth" photographer. I didn't even realize you had been taking so darn many pictures. And, i didn't even see you come by my booth with your camera. You could be like an undercover agent. LOL

                  You are amazing! and an incredible asset to the Meet.


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                  • toys2cool
                    Ultimate Mego Warrior
                    • Nov 27, 2006
                    • 28605

                    wow great pics man
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                    • megojim
                      Permanent Member
                      • Oct 13, 2001
                      • 3630

                      great job Tom!
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                      • Manspider
                        Museum Super Collector
                        • Feb 7, 2008
                        • 224

                        Thanks for the photos.


                        • megocrazy
                          Museum Trouble Maker
                          • Feb 18, 2007
                          • 3718

                          You allow those that can't attend the ability to feel like they did. An awesome job as usual.
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                          • Mego Milk
                            Custom Mego Maker
                            • Jun 3, 2007
                            • 2843

                            Holy Cow!



                            • EmergencyIan
                              Museum Paramedic
                              • Aug 31, 2005
                              • 5470

                              Wow, Tom! Great pics! Almost felt like I was there. Thanks for sharing!

                              - Ian
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