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Brick of the Month Ė September 2013 Ė DOCTOR THRUST

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    Museum Robot
    • May 9, 2007
    • 5775

    Brick of the Month Ė September 2013 Ė DOCTOR THRUST

    Last month we announced Mego Museumís Brick of the Month promotion as part of the Mego Meet benefit auction for 2014. Our September submission has arrived, and itís everything we hoped and more. While these will run closer to the beginning of the month in the future, it should be noted that Brick is always on time, no matter when he arrives.........

  • Legend of Link
    Career Member
    • Jun 12, 2010
    • 818

    This is too awesome great job Scott! <- My Mego Pictures


    • ubermanx
      Career Member
      • Jul 3, 2013
      • 946

      Very schmexy!


      • Marvelmania
        A Ray of Sunshine
        • Jun 17, 2001
        • 10392

        Doctor Thrust, that name really fits him!


        • piecemaker
          There's no need to fear..
          • Jan 26, 2009
          • 4634

          Love those paints,instantly recognizable as to who did this. Awesome custom!!!


          • MIB41
            Eloquent Member
            • Sep 25, 2005
            • 15630

            That's too much fun! This is going to be a blast to watch. Good job Scott. I really like it.


            • Random Axe
              The Voice of Reason
              • Apr 16, 2008
              • 4518

              Doctor Thrust was actually a background character I created for my book. Brick embodies every aspect of him so this was a natural selection. The original design was considerably more risque, so I toned it down for a family site and auction. I decided to go full-on Animal Man style and used some denim spandex for the suit. It's basic but it works. I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with.
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              • sprytel
                Talkative Member
                • Jun 26, 2009
                • 6525

                That rocks!

                I really like this concept: the mash-up of Brick with some of the distinctive styles of our customizers. I think it worked great.


                • palitoy
                  live. laugh. lisa needs braces
                  • Jun 16, 2001
                  • 59143

                  This is simply wonderful Scott, when the concept first got kicked around, the hope I had was that people would come up with really fun concepts and ideas. I am in awe of this.
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                  • megoscott
                    Founding Partner
                    • Nov 17, 2006
                    • 8710

                    He looks amazing, Scott! Thanks for playing along!
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