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360 Revolutions

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  • imp
    Mego Book Author
    • Apr 20, 2003
    • 1579

    360 Revolutions

    One of the book elements that pleases me most is the 360 revolutions of each figure. This treatment is something that has never been attempted in a collectibles book, and it was a helluva lot of work. But I thought it was the best way to communicate the sense of handling and inspecting a figure (while limited to 2-dimensions).

    Anyway, As I was cleaning out my overloaded server tonight, I came across an old animation from a couple of years ago. Using the revolution photography I took of the highly-coveted Solid Box Superman (with Large emblems on both the chest and the cape), I created a little GIF animation. This was created with the actual photos that appear in the book.

    It's a little dizzying, but still kinda cool.

  • toys2cool
    Ultimate Mego Warrior
    • Nov 27, 2006
    • 28605

    That is pretty cool man
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    • starsky
      veteran member
      • Aug 26, 2007
      • 6200

      yeah that's an awesome superman figure!! that' s cool how it's doing the 360. definitely very cutting edge


      • nvmbrsdoom5
        Persistent Member
        • Mar 1, 2005
        • 1627

        That figure is such a thing of beauty, I could stare at it all day long....however, after feeling dizzy after just a few minutes of staring, methinks that is not such a good idea!


        • sauce
          • Jun 24, 2007
          • 3491

          awesome! great idea! i can't wait to read the boooooook!


          • SlipperyLilSuckers
            • May 14, 2003
            • 9031

            Oh Wow. I can't wait to get my hands on this book. May I use that as my avatar Benjamin?


            • rchatlin
              Talkative Member
              • Jun 24, 2001
              • 5768

              This would be a fun feature to add to the Superman Gallery.



              • marmes
                • May 12, 2007
                • 266

                That's a beautiful thing!!


                • Grendel
                  Museum Super Collector
                  • Apr 21, 2006
                  • 160

                  "The spinning thing seems to work for Wonder Woman... maybe I'm not doing it right."


                  • Meule
                    Verbose Member
                    • Nov 14, 2004
                    • 28720

                    Originally posted by rchatlin
                    This would be a fun feature to add to the Superman Gallery.

                    I love that spinning Supes, somehow he should be incorporated into the Museum, maybe at the top of "his" gallery. But then you would have to do that with all the WGSH. Ben already has the pics, but I don't know how much work that would be
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                    • hawkmike
                      Persistent Member
                      • Dec 15, 2003
                      • 1438

                      coolnice work.
                      wanted mego arch reactor


                      • imp
                        Mego Book Author
                        • Apr 20, 2003
                        • 1579

                        Cat (SlipperyLilSuckers) has claimed my animation as her future avatar, provided I can find the original file and resize it for her.

                        I should add that I originally created the animation with the intention of using it atop WGSH galleries (as suggested earlier in the thread). However, once I finished that animation, I thought better of it, realizing it would be a painful amount of work to create animations for every hero. Quite frankly, just producing the photographic images for the book gave me about as much "revolution" as I care to deal with anytime soon.



                        • zorro
                          Resident member
                          • Nov 3, 2007
                          • 283

                          over 10 years ago I Pitched a book to one of the major publishers ( I will not say their name) for He-Man vintage toys. My book featured 360 degree characters, along with every variation imaginable. I also wanted a fold out poster in the middle. The book got shot down because they said it would have cost them a fortune. I still have a large portion of the book. They also said if they were to use my book, they would have shorten the amount of pics I had. I scrapped the project because I was extremely upset at the publisher. I am glad you went through with your book as I am sure you hit a bumpy road in its creation as well. I will be buying your book in December, you did an outstanding job.
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