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Megos spotted in a museum

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  • Comic Book Geek
    Stays Crunchy in Milk
    • Aug 2, 2004
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    Megos spotted in a museum

    Hey all. I've poked my head in a few times, but it's been a while since I've posted. I took my kids to see the new Comic Book Hereos exibit at the Indianapolis Children's Museum last weekend, and saw Megos preresented well. Here's a few pics. Quite a few megos spotted that I'm not posting pictures of. There was a Captain America, Batman, Aqua lad, Wonder Woman... plus lots of other cool toys from the surounding eras.

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  • SUP-Ronin
    Stuck in a laundry shoot.
    • Oct 8, 2007
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    That is sweet. Looks like a cool display for the kids - young and old. (Cliche, I know)
    Those dang megos display so nicely. Can't get enough of them. That invisible jet is pretty sweet, I don't remember ever seeing that before. Probably cause it's invisible.
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    • Bizarro Amy
      Formerly known as Del
      • Dec 12, 2004
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      Field trip, anyone?
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      • starsky
        veteran member
        • Aug 26, 2007
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        they did a great job with the display! thanks for sharing those pics!


        • spaceace35
          Career Member
          • Feb 1, 2008
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          nice displays
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          • Meule
            Verbose Member
            • Nov 14, 2004
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            Oh wow, that is too cool
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            • sauce
              • Jun 24, 2007
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              • AUSSIE-Rebooted-AMM
                I was NEVER here!
                • Jun 22, 2008
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                Nothing better than sightings like this. . .and the Commodore 64!

                Brilliant. . .thanks for the pics!


                • toys2cool
                  Ultimate Mego Warrior
                  • Nov 27, 2006
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                  very cool,
                  welcome back Aaron
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                  • AcroRay
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                    • Apr 17, 2005
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                    Nicely done. Someone knows what they're doing, it seems! Any idea who was involved in that?
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                    • Comic Book Geek
                      Stays Crunchy in Milk
                      • Aug 2, 2004
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                      Originally posted by AcroRay
                      Nicely done. Someone knows what they're doing, it seems! Any idea who was involved in that?

                      The comic book collection belonged to a local guy named Max Simon who died in '99. I was unimpressed with the comics on display until I learned that the diseased man only lived to see his 25th birthday. His parents donated them, and there are actually some nice peices for a 25 year old's collection.

                      As for the toys I see no mention that they've come from Max Simon's collection. Some may have but with the newness of many items on display show that not all do.

                      I'm not sure who assembled all of it, but the museum typically does a great job with everything they do.

                      It's worth seeing if you're in the area. They have a Batman Begins batmobile displayed, lots of stuff for kids to do and see. Overall it's a one of the few must visit sites for any family passing through Indy. Here's a link to see a little more of what's on display...

                      Evildoers tremble at the name... Aaron


                      • david_b
                        Never had enough toys..
                        • May 9, 2008
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                        Beautiful Display!

                        JEEZ, everytime I see the Mego FF, I know I have to acquire them one day. I've been going between the FC line (using a 10" Thing) and them..

                        Never had them as a kid, but.. Just.. Too.. Hard.. To.. Ignore..!

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                        • jemboy2004
                          Persistent Member
                          • Aug 14, 2005
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                          Very Nice. Where is this Museum?

                          If it were close by I'd visit it.


                          • GreenArrow88
                            New Member
                            • Jul 10, 2008
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                            Hey folks--I'm one of the developers who worked on this exhibit. Thanks very much for all the kind words! I'm a Mego collector myself, and so it was important to me and to our staff to make sure we had some representation in there of Mego's great variety of superhero toys. Our curator is well-versed in toys and collectibles, and she worked hard to build our collection of Mego for this exhibit--a lot of those were new acquisitions specifically for "Comic Heroes."

                            Our museum is in Indianapolis, Indiana. The Comic Heroes exhibit will be open until May 3 of 2009, it's not a permanent gallery. (We do plan to have a permanent exhibit of Max Simon's comics elsewhere in our museum eventually, but we don't yet have gallery space available for that. Hopefully sometime after 2010.)

                            Seriously, we're all totally jazzed that the Mego Museum forum folks like how we've displayed these toys. We worked hard to make it fun and interesting--not just for our primary audience of younger children and families, but also for everybody who's into superhero toys and comics. Thanks for starting this thread and posting these pictures! Come visit and see it if you can!


                            • fembot
                              Amazon Queen
                              • Jun 28, 2008
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                              looks really good