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Hulk on Holiday (went a lil' overboard with the pics)

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  • Wee67
    Museum Correspondent
    • Apr 2, 2002
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    Hulk on Holiday (went a lil' overboard with the pics)

    I just got back from Turkey last week and, as usual, I couldn't resist snapping a few pics of the Hulk. In fact, I think I may be having a bit too much fun taking pictures of the Hulk while I'm on vacation. Needless to say, it started up a few good conversations with some locals. It really is a good way to meet people when you travel.

    Feel free to add captions.

    Paul, send me your email address and I'll ship them your way.

    Outside the famed Blue Mosque in Istanbul

    Inside the famed Aya Sofia (Hagia Sophia)

    The Hulk headed inland to Kayseri where the lanscape is somewhere between a cross of Tatooine and the background of a Roadrunner cartoon

    Christians escaping persecutions from the Romans carved homes, churches and pretty much everything into the sides of mountains. Hulk wonders why there are no Planet of the Apes figures here.

    Hulk mistook this outcropping atop Uchisar Castle as a giant Pterodactyl. Can't say I blame him.

    But always time to smell the flowers in Ilhara Canyon.

    To the west coast where Hulk took the stage at the ancient city of Heiropolis

    But Hulk still took time to relax in the supposedly-healing waters of Pamukkale.

    And, of course, a stop at the famed ruins of Ephesus near the coast.

    Sorry for nerdin' out on such a scale, but I hope you enjoy the pics
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  • toys2cool
    Ultimate Mego Warrior
    • Nov 27, 2006
    • 28605

    wow great pics
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    • Sideshow Spock
      valar morghulis
      • Mar 8, 2005
      • 2853

      Originally posted by Wee67
      Sorry for nerdin' out on such a scale, but I hope you enjoy the pics
      Hey, when it's nerdin' out of SUPREME QUALITY like that, you never need to apologize. Awesome stuff!


      • david_b
        Never had enough toys..
        • May 9, 2008
        • 2305

        Wish I could have taken him to Kuwait with me.. It would have been funny to see him with some locals on base and downtown Kuwait City.

        Peace.. Through Superior Firepower.


        • jessica
          fortune favors the bold
          • Nov 5, 2007
          • 4589

          Those are fantastic photos! How cool is that? Thank you for sharing that with us.
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          • miguet
            Persistent Member
            • Dec 11, 2007
            • 912

            Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing them with us!


            • Brue
              User without title
              • Sep 29, 2005
              • 4243

              SWEET! I am inspired - I'm taking a Mego (or 3) with me on vacation this year.


              • Hulk
                Mayor of Megoville
                • May 10, 2003
                • 16007

                Bill, you are truly the leading International travelling Hulk correspondent! Thanks a million. PM coming your way.


                • starsky
                  veteran member
                  • Aug 26, 2007
                  • 6200

                  that's very cool! i'm sure those healing waters will prevent him from breaking a knee pin


                  • GAFan
                    Veteran Member
                    • May 30, 2008
                    • 363

                    After reading the POTA boulder in the gym story elsewhere on the museum, I was just imagining the trip through customs. I could have been very interesting.

                    Custom Agent: What's this?

                    Wee67: The Incredible Hulk.

                    CA: Why are you bringing a doll to Istanbul?

                    Wee67: It's an action figure, and he's on vacation.

                    And so on.

                    Great pics


                    • Meule
                      Verbose Member
                      • Nov 14, 2004
                      • 28720

                      Very cool pics. I never travel abroad without taking the Hulk with me either
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                      • GSPUSA
                        General Patton
                        • Apr 9, 2005
                        • 1506

                        Very cool, thanks for sharing.


                        • Bo8a_Fett
                          Pat Troughton in disguise
                          • Nov 21, 2007
                          • 3738

                          Brilliant....great pics...really brightened my day...thx
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                          • Dave Mc
                            • Oct 20, 2002
                            • 17827

                            Looks like Hulk had a blast, although he probably would have had a little better time with She-Hulk to travel along with.


                            • HardyGirl
                              Mego Museum's Poster Girl
                              • Apr 3, 2007
                              • 13933

                              Awesome pics! Did anyone ask you why you were taking pics of a toy in front of the historical sites?
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