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1975 Simpsons Catalog featuring Trek and Apes

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    Museum Robot
    • May 9, 2007
    • 5822

    1975 Simpsons Catalog featuring Trek and Apes

    Great addition to the department store catalog archive for the holiday season, The is rare page from long gone Canadian retailer Simpsons features Mego Star Trek and Planet of the Apes but nothing from their most popular line World's Greatest Superheroes. Interesting to note that chair pictured is the same one that Scott Adams noted in his article about the evolution of the Mego Enterprise.
    Want to see the other side of this two page spread? Check out the Plaidstallions blog.

    PS Congrats to Johnnycmego, winner of a copy of "World's Greatest Toys", look for another fun contest this month.

  • Mikey
    Verbose Member
    • Aug 9, 2001
    • 47245

    Another shot of Kirk in his weird chair......... this time better photographed

    I love it


    • jwyblejr
      galactic yo-yo
      • Apr 6, 2006
      • 11146

      Hard to tell but are those the plastic rivets on the Star Trek figures? They just don't look like metal to me. Could be the picture though.


      • censy
        thread killer
        • Sep 26, 2007
        • 674


        Thanks for posting this. I think I had most of the stuff in this ad as a kid. Never had any Action Jackson's. But my brother and I had a lot of the Big Jim stuff.



        • ozcollector1992
          Longtime Oz Collector
          • Oct 13, 2006
          • 494

          That cair thats on the emerald city boz ahhh
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          • HardyGirl
            Mego Museum's Poster Girl
            • Apr 3, 2007
            • 13933

            I have the Big Jim Camper set and Tent (missing the boat). I have all of the guys, except Dr. Steel no longer has a "steel" hand b/c it split in half and I had to perform surgery and salvage an arm from a broken figure. I don't have the Apes treehouse,but I do have the Apes, and I've my Star Trek figures and Enterprise set. My bridge has both sets of consoles and chairs so everyone has a place to sit. Funny how no one made a spot for Uhura.
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            • Hulk
              Mayor of Megoville
              • May 10, 2003
              • 16007

              I love how Kirk and Spock look like talk show hosts greeting the arrival of their special guest, The Klingon! "All the way from Kronos, Let's give him all a big round of applause, Koloth!"


              • Bo8a_Fett
                Pat Troughton in disguise
                • Nov 21, 2007
                • 3738

                Looks to me as though Spock and Kirk are recieving the Klingon ambassador from the ministry of silly walks
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