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  • knight errant00
    8 Inch Action Figure
    • Nov 15, 2005
    • 1766

    Batman (RC).

    My favorite superhero as a kid (thanks to the Adam West show's daily 3:30 re-runs). He was also the first Mego I ever saw in the store (the most incredible sight I'd ever seen in the Target toy department in my six years of life), and the first one I ever got (a birthday present a few months later). simply the best, for all he represents to me, and everything I can remember through him.



    • mishu2nite
      Persistent Member
      • Nov 26, 2001
      • 2260

      Aquaman. I was a little over 3 years old, and I loved the color purple. When I went to the toystore with my mom and older brothers who were going there for water guns, I saw this solid purple box displayed by the register. I didn't know what was inside, but I was drawn to the box color and pretty artwork. I told my mom I wanted it, not knowing exactly what it was, or ever ever knowing a thing about action figures. When I asked my mom what it was called, she replied "Aquaman", well not ever hearing that word aqua before, I assumed she said apple man, so for the next month, My fixation started as I played with this apple man, until I finally accepted his real name, LOL. That was "The" action figure that started it off, and was the result of many future visits to the toy store.


      • censy
        thread killer
        • Sep 26, 2007
        • 674

        how to pick just one?

        I have a real soft spot for all the ones I had as a kid.

        Of those, I'll go with Iron Man. I really love the whole figure, the head sculpt, the plastic, fisted gloves, the bright colors. And, he is one of the ones I own today.



        • twilitezoner
          Veteran Member
          • Nov 18, 2007
          • 303

          RC Batman

          Removable Cowl Batman.

          The 1st Mego I ever received, and my favorite to this day.


          • Wee67
            Museum Correspondent
            • Apr 2, 2002
            • 10590

            Iron Man- fists, baby! fists!

            You can also disqualify me as a winner. I'm waiting on my Amazon copies.
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            • Goblin19
              Talkative Member
              • May 2, 2002
              • 6109

              Green Arrow - He's the perfect combination; a great sculpt, outfit, with lots of accessories, plus I could never find him as a kid.


              • Ronin
                New Member
                • Sep 1, 2007
                • 39

                Aquaman. So simple but those colors just leap out at you. No accessories to lose except gloves, which you could always steal from Robin if needed. Not to mention that, when I was home as a kid I spent most of my playtime in the bath (There was always a pile of Megos next to the tub) and Aquaman was obviosly the most suited for Aquatic play. Kept him clean as a whistle to boot (Me too. Mom had always had to fight to get me out of the bath, not in), unlike some of the others that hung out in the sandbox all day.
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                • AcroRay
                  Persistent Member
                  • Apr 17, 2005
                  • 1010

                  I gotta say it has to be Spiderman. Cool character which was one of my few favorite superheroes as a child because of Bakshi's cartoon, Electric Company, a few comics. It was a riot to see him return so often in Twisted Mego Theater. Plus the toy is so simple, silly and essentially "Mego" to me: Cheap-a55, but QUALITY cheap-a55 with character...
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                  • MegoMonk
                    Career Member
                    • Jan 22, 2007
                    • 518

                    RM Batman.


                    • ramsey37
                      • Jun 18, 2001
                      • 0

                      The Hulk! He's green! He's mean! He's uber-cool!


                      • Drain
                        megos are yummy
                        • Jun 10, 2007
                        • 659

                        That would have to be Tarzan,
                        I remember watching the old Tarzan Movie, on the Satuday and Sunday afternoon movie shows with my dad on TV in the glory days before cable. Got two stations ABC and NBC.
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                        • samurainoir
                          Eloquent Member
                          • Dec 26, 2006
                          • 18758

                          The 12" Skinny Body Spiderman.

                          He was my favourite toy as a kid.
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                          • MegoNinja
                            Career Member
                            • Feb 7, 2007
                            • 738

                            what sort of question is this?
                            Isn't every WGSH the best?
                            OK I'll stop being stupid, the best one has to be...either Hulk or Spidey. I will choose Spidey as my favorite (I hate conforming).
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                            • hobub
                              Ghost of a Dead Indian
                              • Jun 18, 2001
                              • 4778

                              RCB! Because I didn't pick him at the toystore at the Monroeville Mall in '72 when my parents asked which one I wanted. I thought about it but I said Superman in a quick reflex. When my brother said "I want BATMAN!", I thought, "So do I!" After we got to the car and ripped the boxes open to see what was inside...yes we did that!, I saw how cool that cowl was and wanted one ever since. I didn't ever get one until 1996. But I did manage to hold onto my brother's RCB cowl! I really wish I would have kept the boxes though. What the heck was that 5 year old thinking?!


                              • palitoy
                                live. laugh. lisa needs braces
                                • Jun 16, 2001
                                • 59259

                                The drawing for this will be later tonight.
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