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  • bmattioli
    Connecticut Collector
    • Jul 8, 2004
    • 364

    The Thing------Nice colorful strong figure.. All-Time childhood favorite..



    • Bionic Joe
      Persistent Member
      • Dec 10, 2006
      • 1749

      RC/BATMAN, he was my first Mego, he is the classic Mego, the start of the legend, the coolest of them all, no other figure says Mego like RC/BATMAN


      • batmanmc
        mego batman collector
        • Jun 22, 2004
        • 6227

        batman becuase he waas a normal guy who fought bad like a captain america and he had my favorite car in the world the btamobile. batman has been my favorite superheroforever and will remain so. mike


        • batmanmc
          mego batman collector
          • Jun 22, 2004
          • 6227

          batman becuase he was a normal guy who fought for good like a captain america . mego made him look so realistic even if you didnt know superheros you knew this was batman even if he was nude. and he had my favorite car in the world the batmobile. batman has been my favorite superheroforever and will remain so. mike


          • JDeRouen
            Author of Small Things
            • Jun 14, 2001
            • 16566

            I'll also go with Spidey - to me, he is the iconic Mego.
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            • sauce
              • Jun 24, 2007
              • 3491

              Fist Fighting Riddler! Boy, he's got this evil grin coupled with a badass uppercut...oh man, waaaaaayy cool!


              • highquality
                #1 Super Guy
                • Jun 10, 2003
                • 3963

                Green Arrow

                He's the first Mego I ever bought as an adult collector. He started a fire I've never been able to put out.

                OLLIE RULES!!!
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                • bobbait
                  What, me worry?
                  • Jun 9, 2005
                  • 2426

                  Captain America!! He was my fav. as a kid


                  • jemboy2004
                    Persistent Member
                    • Aug 14, 2005
                    • 1703

                    8" Wonder Woman. She was little wonder. I called her that because I had the 12" Wonder Woman dolls and used her as her side kick. I always wondered why no lasso though?!?


                    • dumbldor
                      Talkative Member
                      • Jun 9, 2002
                      • 5418

                      Batman. My fondest memories of Megos from childhood involve Batman. Love all those accessories. Love the way he looks on that pink card, too.


                      • mars396
                        Museum Super Collector
                        • Sep 14, 2007
                        • 178

                        Batgirrrl, Batgirl! Batgirrrl, Batgirl!

                        Where do you come from, where do you go?

                        What is your scene, baby, we just gotta know.

                        Batgirrrl, Batgirl! Batgirrrl, Batgirl!

                        Are you a chick who fell in from outer space?

                        Or are you real with a tender warm embrace?

                        Yaaa, whose baby are you? Batgirrrl, Batgirl!

                        Yaaa, whose baby are you? Batgirl!



                        • DocDrako
                          Formerly Doc Drako
                          • Nov 11, 2004
                          • 2813

                          Spider-Man. For me, he represents my childhood and reminds me of my life when I was still innocent and believed that good always defeated evil. Plus, he had no accessories to lose. He provoked thoughts of spiders, that I was afraid of, and yet I knew that Spider-Man would never hurt me. Spider-Man might not have been the most exotic of Mego's WGSH, but he was the best in my opinion.

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                          • chalwa
                            Mego Philomath
                            • Jun 8, 2007
                            • 592

                            Spider-man rules...

                            I agree with the other white meat on Spidey. For many of the same reasons plus he seems so precious to me because of that darn test tube of colored water I traded him for in 1st grade. Took forever to get another.
                            Spidey, for sure.

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                            • UOBob
                              Mostly Harmless
                              • Jul 18, 2006
                              • 751

                              Batman. As a kid, and later as an "adult" collector, Mego Batman IS Mego to me!
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                              • Hector
                                el Hombre de Acero
                                • May 19, 2003
                                • 31852

                                Superman because he's red, white, and blue...through and through...Mego personified.

                                Up, up, and awaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!