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  • wyatterb
    Permanent Member
    • Jul 2, 2001
    • 2586

    My favorite would have to be Batman. I lived and breathed Batman as a little kid and I'm still a big time Bat fan today. I believe it was migration from a toddler bed to a "big boy bed at age 4 that got me my first Mego-Painted Cowl Batman.


    • RG
      • Oct 1, 2004
      • 235

      Spiderman I had a nude one from a flea market as a kid, my mom made an outfit for it. And he was the first Mego I bought as an adult.
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      • SlipperyLilSuckers
        • May 14, 2003
        • 9031

        Superman. We were poor when I was a kid, but I managed to save up and get one and he was always my favourite toy by far.


        • Overkill
          Veteran Member
          • Oct 19, 2007
          • 303

          I'd say that my favorite is Robin, in any form. (8'',9 1/2'', 12'', love em all!) I know, you're all wondering why it's not Batman, but I've always appreciated the sidekicks! And Dick Grayson is my favorite Robin, so having a Mego of him is great. Plus, Robin's traffic light costume and hot pants are awesome haha.


          • starsky
            veteran member
            • Aug 26, 2007
            • 6200

            superman- i grew up in a country where there were NO megos. my mom came back from the states on a business trip and surprised me with one knowing that superman was my favorite hero.


            • jayihdz
              • Mar 6, 2007
              • 808

              Superman....he is my childhood hero....


              • rchatlin
                Talkative Member
                • Jun 24, 2001
                • 5766


                He was my first Mego my parents ever bought for me,
                and remains both cherished memory,
                and the start of a lifelong love of Mego.



                • Brue
                  User without title
                  • Sep 29, 2005
                  • 4241

                  Batman - because he is 1. the coolest character 2. the megoiest 3. my first mego

                  PS. painted mask, not RC
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                  • theantiquetiger
                    Fra-gee-lay Thats Italian
                    • Nov 12, 2005
                    • 3435

                    Joker - he is my favorite villian!!!

                    But since you want WGSH, I would have to say GA. Just a cool figure over all.


                    • Johnny
                      • Oct 1, 2003
                      • 3369

                      I gotta go with Batman. My favourite comic book hero and to me the coolest WGSH Mego.


                      • cricketts99
                        Museum Patron
                        • Jun 20, 2007
                        • 108

                        RC-Batman hands down. Talk about bringing back feelings of nostalgia! What can I say, this was when the Superfriends cartoon started and I just learned that was a live action Batman show in reruns. Definitely a special time in a kids life! Nothing was more fun than having RC Batman to have adventures with when these shows were on!


                        • txteach
                          • Jun 17, 2005
                          • 3769

                          I equally like Batman and Robin any all of their villans. My friend Pat and I used to waste endless hours in Pat's garage playing with these guys. Pat died about 15 years ago in a car accident and seeing the dynamic duo always reminds me of Pat and good times in "76.


                          • Marvelmania
                            A Ray of Sunshine
                            • Jun 17, 2001
                            • 10392

                            Captain America
                            He was my first Mego and my favorite comic character. As a kid I beleived in what he stood for. Sure he wasn't the best sculpt and so on but you've got to love throwing that shield around. I took him everywhere I went and no matter how old I get he'll always be my favorite.


                            • MegoGeekJr
                              Youngest Mego Lover
                              • Dec 6, 2005
                              • 387

                              Spider-man *#$@&%^!

                              He's just sooooooooo simple!
                              My heighten mutant sense never lies..........................................This ain't lemonade.


                              • Hulk
                                Mayor of Megoville
                                • May 10, 2003
                                • 16007

                                Spiderman, for exactly the reason stated above, his simplicity. He had no parts or emblems or capes to lose, yet he perfectly represented the character, and the jointed wrist was perfect to make that cool webslinging motion with.

                                Of course as an adult, I like collecting Hulks, since they just look so darned good dressed up in different outfits, but that's another story.