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Found for 49 cents in the Sullivan Goodwill: A minty Mr. Mxyptlk

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  • MarkStalcup
    Chases Ambulances,Customs
    • Feb 6, 2008
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    Found for 49 cents in the Sullivan Goodwill: A minty Mr. Mxyptlk

    Not the smirky one, alas...but I just snagged him in the store. Very odd and no signs of other Megos. I will try and take a pic. I already have both versions of Mxy so I may do something with him here to share the good fortune.

    Just a reminder those cool Goodwill finds are out there. Wasn't a RM Batman, of course...but still cool.

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  • starsky
    veteran member
    • Aug 26, 2007
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    that's an awesome find with an awesome price to go with it!! i yet to find a mego let alone in minty condtion in a goodwill type store!


    • toys2cool
      Ultimate Mego Warrior
      • Nov 27, 2006
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      nice,you can't beat that
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      • sauce
        • Jun 24, 2007
        • 3491

        that must've been quite a thrill! cool man!


        • censy
          thread killer
          • Sep 26, 2007
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          Wow! That is cool. Congrats on the find.

          I've bid on a few lately and come up empty. Maybe I need to check out my local goodwill : )



          • vulcan2074
            Live Long and Prosper
            • Mar 23, 2008
            • 7812

            Thats Super Awesome. Congrats!


            • SUP-Ronin
              Stuck in a laundry shoot.
              • Oct 8, 2007
              • 3146

              Gotta love a bargin like that. Expecially in good shape.
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              • ddgaff1132
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                • Oct 3, 2007
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                Hey Cool News VooDoo
                Once in a Blue moon you find something like that and it powers up your week. I made my monthly rounds of Salvation Army stores this week. As I headed out. I chanted. "Man I hope I find another AJ or mego." I should have been more specific. As I found a Playing Mantis Action Jackson in swimsuit only
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                • AUSSIE-Rebooted-AMM
                  I was NEVER here!
                  • Jun 22, 2008
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                  Nice snag! Well done and enjoy!


                  • kryptosmaster
                    • Jun 14, 2008
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                    Originally posted by MarkStalcup (or Voodoo)
                    I already have both versions of Mxy so I may do something with him here to share the good fortune.

                    Well, I've been wanting to replace the one I had as a child but still waiting for an ebay cheapy (deal) so I'll double your investment and give you a WHOLE DOLLAR for him!
                    Just can get TWO more Megos for that crispy green dollar.



                    • palitoy
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                      • Jun 16, 2001
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                      Fantastic score Mark, I visit the thrift stores weekly, not much to report but never say die...
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                      • JPkempo
                        Permanent Member
                        • Jun 17, 2001
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                        Always nice to see Megos in the wild.


                        • mitchedwards
                          Mego Preservation Society
                          • May 2, 2003
                          • 11781

                          Nice pickup

                          Think B.A. Where did you hide the Megos?