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Doctor Strange

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  • BlackKnight
    The DarkSide Customizer
    • Apr 16, 2005
    • 14622

    Doctor Strange

    Hey Guys,

    The Great Doctor Has Russ's head. Type3Toy's "Hero Hands" (sp) & a cross between a custom Body & a DocMego Body. Hand sewn Suit & Cape. I put a wire in the cape, so it's poseable. Kick *** Box from Toyroom.

    Doctor Strange }

    BK Shot }

    Box from Toyroom }

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  • jessica
    fortune favors the bold
    • Nov 5, 2007
    • 4587

    I love the hands and the collar on the cape. NICE!!
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    • David Lee
      The Fix-it-up Chappie
      • Jun 10, 2002
      • 6984

      Wow! that's just smooth work bro... KUDES TO YOU!



      • The Toyroom
        The Packaging King
        • Dec 31, 2004
        • 16653

        By the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth! That's the best Mego Doctor Strange I think I've seen! The Type 3 "hero hands" work excellently for this character! Love the cape but I think it's the Eye of Aggamotto amulet that really seals the deal for me! Kudos and two thumbs up, dude!
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        • QDOGG
          Persistent Member
          • Jan 13, 2007
          • 1115

          Damn Jason! Your talent never ceases to amaze me! Another AWESOME JOB!


          • boss
            Talkative Member
            • Jun 18, 2003
            • 7204

            that's awesome! do you ever sleep?
            Fresh, not from concentrate.


            • GaryPlaysWithDolls
              Mighty Man/Monster Maker
              • Aug 14, 2007
              • 2347

              Wow! That is amazing! Very nice work.

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              • toys2cool
                Ultimate Mego Warrior
                • Nov 27, 2006
                • 28605

                sweet figure bro,love the hands..they look like Jimmy Snukas before he jumped off the ropes
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                • Random Axe
                  The Voice of Reason
                  • Apr 16, 2008
                  • 4518

                  Awesome, awesome figure.

                  I've never really liked Doctor Strange, but now I do. I've always liked Toyfare's Twisted Mego version and his characterization. THis however takes it up several notches. I love the left hand. It's like he's saying DUUUUDE, I just scored DIO tickets!

                  Another great figure.

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                  • The Bat
                    Batman Fanatic
                    • Jul 14, 2002
                    • 13412

                    I've always wanted to make a Doc Strange(especially since Mego had Him on the drawing Board)....FANTASTIC work as always BK!!


                    • thunderbolt
                      Hi Ernie!!!
                      • Feb 15, 2004
                      • 34211

                      Nice work Jason, possibly one of your best.
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                      • Gorn Captain
                        Invincible Ironing Man
                        • Feb 28, 2008
                        • 10549

                        That's the Strangest thing I've ever seen...

                        Excellent work!
                        When do you start taking orders?
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                        • megowgsh
                          Customego HoF Curator
                          • Nov 19, 2003
                          • 7420

                          Check out ALL my customs at


                          • Megospidey
                            Museum Webslinger
                            • Jul 26, 2006
                            • 5305

                            Just another fantastic, bang-up, dead-on job. Love how you manipulated the fingers..and the suit is spectacular.


                            • BlackKnight
                              The DarkSide Customizer
                              • Apr 16, 2005
                              • 14622

                              Originally posted by Gorn Captain
                              When do you start taking orders?

                              Whenever your ready.

                              Big thanks everyone.
                              ... The Original Knight ..., Often Imitated, However Never Duplicated. The 1st Knight in Customs.

                              always trading for Hot Toys Figures .