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Slipknot -- Enemy of Firestorm and Member of the Suicide Squad

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  • megowgsh
    Customego HoF Curator
    • Nov 19, 2003
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    Slipknot -- Enemy of Firestorm and Member of the Suicide Squad

    Slipknot's first appearance was in Fury of Firestorm #28 (October 1984), in which he was created by writers Joey Cavalieri and Gerry Conway and artist Rafael Kayanan.

    His alter ego Christopher Weiss works for a chemical company in the southern United States, where he develops his formula for the durable ropes he would later use.

    Slipknot first battles, and loses to, Firestorm before eventually becoming a member of the Suicide Squad, a team of costumed characters, all serving the government for their own reasons. Many members are criminals, who are promised a reduced sentence if they survive their missions.

    My custom Mego Slipknot is built on a ZICA Type S body with black hands from CTVT; head is a modified Reverse Flash head originally available on with paints by me; boots from CTVT painted by yours truly; costume by me as well. I modified the costume a bit because I really do not like the holes cut in the sides of it or those huge sleeves.

    Wrapping up his enemy Firestorm in a nice little package...

    I hope you enjoy my customs as much as I do, and, as always, thanks for looking!

    Peace, Love, and Megos!

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  • mjaycox
    Veteran Member
    • Jun 16, 2008
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    Ha! I remember that guy! I had forgotten all about him.

    Obscurity, thy name is Austin.

    Seriously beautiful custom, dude. I love it

    Warm up?! We may as well sit around this cigarette!


    • newlyknighted
      Persistent Member
      • Feb 21, 2010
      • 1625

      Outstanding rendition! great head choice and great paints!
      I post in thy general direction!


      • ZombieJimC
        Persistent Member
        • Mar 12, 2014
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        • Brown Bear
          Still Old School
          • Feb 14, 2008
          • 7058

          Love it.
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          • hedrap
            Permanent Member
            • Feb 10, 2009
            • 4825

            Awesome. Always a villain with massive potential.


            • Grimjohn
              Persistent Member
              • Feb 28, 2011
              • 2266

              Fantastic job sir!
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              • Goblin19
                Talkative Member
                • May 2, 2002
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                Looks perfect.


                • daz71
                  Persistent Member
                  • Jul 19, 2014
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                  fantastic. when I saw slipknot I thought it was going to be the band.


                  • Earth 2 Chris
                    Verbose Member
                    • Mar 7, 2004
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                    Slipknot is a running gag over on the Fire and Water podcast, particularly the Who's Who episodes. He's even mentioned in the closing theme!

                    Great job as always, Austin!



                    • Mego Magyar
                      Permanent Member
                      • Jan 17, 2011
                      • 2675

                      Don't know the character but it turned out well.


                      • Bronxboykev
                        Permanent Member
                        • Mar 7, 2011
                        • 3013

                        Sweet Stuff!!!


                        • hawkmike
                          Persistent Member
                          • Dec 15, 2003
                          • 1438

                          wow nice job! a super villain and a death metal band my niece listened too.
                          wanted mego arch reactor


                          • palitoy
                            live. laugh. lisa needs braces
                            • Jun 16, 2001
                            • 59301

                            Excellent and obscure as always. Iron Man boots are a sweet touch.
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                            • apes3978
                              Permanent Member
                              • Nov 19, 2005
                              • 4943

                              Good job on him...