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NFL Helmets

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  • Megotastrophe
    Permanent Member
    • Jun 29, 2018
    • 2773

    NFL Helmets

    I was at Dicks Sporting goods getting lacrosse equipment and saw these. 35 bucks a pack but itís a lot of helmets. The way of the league was in another package. Look perfect for Megos

  • TRDouble
    Permanent Member
    • Jul 10, 2012
    • 2554

    They make NHL Goalie Masks too. They are cool and probably cheaper than trying to pull what you need from a gumball machine, but I miss the old gumball machine helmets. Mego Spider-Man used to strap on one of the football helmets, grab a eraser football, and was a star player on my couch in the 1970s!

    I will have to see if the NHL masks fit a Mego.


    • TrekStar
      Trek or Treat
      • Jan 20, 2011
      • 8387

      I think those football helmets are called pocket pros. I’ve also seen the Major League Baseball helmets with the ear flap on one side.


      • Megotastrophe
        Permanent Member
        • Jun 29, 2018
        • 2773

        It was 36 dollars for 16 helmets so it might be cheaper but it sure wouldn’t feel like it.


        • monitor_ep
          Talkative Member
          • May 11, 2013
          • 7569

          At $2.25 apiece that's not bad.
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          • Megotastrophe
            Permanent Member
            • Jun 29, 2018
            • 2773

            I agree but there are only a couple of helmets I want. Texans and Cowboys. And they are in separate sets.


            • darkbros
              Persistent Member
              • Jul 3, 2012
              • 1361

              I have a buttload of NuMego Joe Namath helmets I'd be willing to trade for hero boots ( not rubber NuMego, but Repro Plastic) or NuMego 2018 AJ White boots, if anyone is so inclined.
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