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Doc Stearne, Mr. MONSTER!!

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  • thunderbolt
    Hi Ernie!!!
    • Feb 15, 2004
    • 34211

    Doc Stearne, Mr. MONSTER!!

    Here's my first seasonal custom, Mr. Monster. I borrowed bits from the Canadian Golden Age character and Micheal Gilbert's updated version.

    Here's a reference page for anyone unfamiliar with him.

    I also snuck in those gargoyles I mentioned a couple weeks ago.
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  • Cosmicman
    Permanent Member
    • Jul 12, 2005
    • 4794

    I don't know who this is but I tell you I really like how you did this. Very impressed!
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    • Megospidey
      Museum Webslinger
      • Jul 26, 2006
      • 5305

      Monkey Depot needs to put your customs on their website to show customers what can be done with their stuff.....sweet tbolt!


      • thunderbolt
        Hi Ernie!!!
        • Feb 15, 2004
        • 34211

        Actually that stuff came from They had the goggles I needed.
        You must try to generate happiness within yourself. If you aren't happy in one place, chances are you won't be happy anyplace. -Ernie Banks


        • Dave Mc
          • Oct 20, 2002
          • 17827

          Dig those boots! Another great one with cool accessories.


          • aquatroy
            Permanent Member
            • Apr 28, 2002
            • 3289

            Sweet Christmas! That freaking rocks!
            Hey! Check out the pictures.


            • kingdom warrior
              OH JES!!
              • Jul 21, 2005
              • 12478

              HOLY MOTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


              • toys2cool
                Ultimate Mego Warrior
                • Nov 27, 2006
                • 28605

                That looks awesome dude!! great job man
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                • Captain
                  Fighting the good fight!
                  • Jun 17, 2001
                  • 6031


                  I dont think anybody has done customs of any of the Canadian classic heroes before? Great idea, and I hope to see more of them.--Johnny Canuck, Nelvana, Thunderfist, Commander Steel, the many possibilities.
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                  • Meule
                    Verbose Member
                    • Nov 14, 2004
                    • 28720

                    I totally love these fully accessorized customs of yours, another great one Joe
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                    • SlipperyLilSuckers
                      • May 14, 2003
                      • 9031

                      Awesome. I specially like his head. Thanks for showing the gargoyles too, I have been trying to picture since your original thread about them.


                      • BlackKnight
                        The DarkSide Customizer
                        • Apr 16, 2005
                        • 14622

                        Great figure indeed. Love the Boots & the suit is very nice & clean. Nice score on the added weaponry. Congrats.
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                        • ctc
                          Fear the monkeybat!
                          • Aug 16, 2001
                          • 11183

                          MR MONSTER!!!! WOOOO!!!!!

                          THAT is cool! He really looks like the classic one; Strongfort has that "no neck" thing going on:

                          Don C.


                          • GaryPlaysWithDolls
                            Mighty Man/Monster Maker
                            • Aug 14, 2007
                            • 2347

                            Great looking custom! I do 9 inch figures, too. I always thought you had to do military 1/6 dolls to get the level of uniform/equiptment detail that you get. Sweet. I LOVE the wooded stake/hammer and the shoestring eyelets. Super cool.

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                            • Goblin19
                              Talkative Member
                              • May 2, 2002
                              • 6109

                              As usual, no idea who it is, but I love it.