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Joker's Ha-Hacienda Playset (Lotsa pics)

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  • The Toyroom
    The Packaging King
    • Dec 31, 2004
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    Joker's Ha-Hacienda Playset (Lotsa pics)

    Been working on this one for a long time...originally it was all going to be built by hand with trap doors and slides and what not but that got to be waaay too cumbersome. Thanks to some Dida Displaysets from Scott, I was able to redesign everything and I think it worked out pretty good. It's still 3 stories though.

    We begin with the former factory of the Laughwell Novelty Company. The Laughwell Co. was shut down years ago for unsafe toy manufacturing practices and the building has since been condemed.

    The warnings and toxic waste tend to keep most folks away....except for...

    THE JOKER! Yes the Clown Prince of Crime has taken over the building as his Ha-Hacienda.

    Upstairs in his playroom, The Joker plots his next caper...

    ...vainly admires himself in his fun house mirror...

    ...and throws a couple of darts at his Robin dartboard and gets ready for a few rounds with his Batman Bop Bag.

    Just then, the alarm sounds! An intruder has been captured on level 2!
    It's that Caped Crumb himself, Batman! A quick throw of the switch and Batman is doomed in the Inescapable Doom Trap!

    But just to be safe, the Joker exits through the secret wall in his basement!

    Batman escapes but it's too late...somehow the Joker has gotten out of a sealed room! Better luck next time, Bats!

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  • toys2cool
    Ultimate Mego Warrior
    • Nov 27, 2006
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    wow!! dude that looks absolutely awesome!! I don't even know what to say...Great job!!
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    • batmanmc
      mego batman collector
      • Jun 22, 2004
      • 6227

      thats great i love the look and trhe wya it all comes together.


      • megoscott
        Founding Partner
        • Nov 17, 2006
        • 8710

        Holy cow! I am so thrilled to see this I can't tell you. So great to see some new art in a Dida Display! That is very cool, Anthony. I love the splash art "Enter if you dare". Super fun!
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        • mego boy CA
          megos are FUN!!
          • Mar 30, 2006
          • 792

          that is an awsome playset anthony!
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          • ScottA
            Original Member
            • Jun 25, 2001
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            Great playset Anthony. I love the dart board and bop bag.
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            • ThatBatmanGuy
              Career Member
              • May 14, 2007
              • 594

              Fun stuff! I really like how this turned out. Inside and out. So many ideas can be done with these playsets.



              • Meule
                Verbose Member
                • Nov 14, 2004
                • 28720


                I'm speechless. There's so many cool things in there I don't know where to begin. I'll just repeat what I started with
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                • thunderbolt
                  Hi Ernie!!!
                  • Feb 15, 2004
                  • 34211

                  Wow, great idea. Love all the details in the pics. I did almost think Mr. J was on the can in that one, tho.
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                  • Dave Mc
                    • Oct 20, 2002
                    • 17827

                    Very Mego looking design Anthony, all the HA HA's and HE HE's on the wall are so 70's it has that vintage look.


                    • Megospidey
                      Museum Webslinger
                      • Jul 26, 2006
                      • 5305

                      You've just made a whole lot of Batman fans very jealous my friend.


                      • HardyGirl
                        Mego Museum's Poster Girl
                        • Apr 3, 2007
                        • 13933

                        Very cool! are you eventually gonna add some more traps? A Tickle Table? The Laughing Hyena pit? That would be cool. Fantastic art! So Mego-like!
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                        • Earth 2 Chris
                          Verbose Member
                          • Mar 7, 2004
                          • 32583

                          Anthony, that is fantastic. The use of classic art really puts it over. Love the Garcia Lopez Joker on the front. I loved that comic as a kid.

                          It's perfect.



                          • davidb
                            Veteran Member
                            • Aug 9, 2007
                            • 303

                            Great stuff. Like other people have said, I really like all of the different "signs" you've got put up on the walls (the Ha Ha Has on the bottom floor really remind me of the Jokermobile). Really nice, and I especially liked the original Mego box art on the back wall of the top floor.


                            • Cosmicman
                              Permanent Member
                              • Jul 12, 2005
                              • 4794

                              That is awesome!!!
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