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  • Merlyn1976
    Fist of Khonshu
    • Mar 29, 2005
    • 6042


    Hearing I had been under the weather BlacKryptonite (Fred) and his son Gage whipped this Fist of Khonshu up to make me feel better....Fred will give a recipe for his appearence....This would make anyone feel better

    Thanks again Fred and Gage!!!

    BTW I'm also moving so bear with me for not being around much....

    Last edited by Merlyn1976; Aug 6, '07, 6:00 PM. Reason: Missed some pics Fred camera is packed....
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  • Meule
    Verbose Member
    • Nov 14, 2004
    • 28720

    Congrats bro, he looks awesome.
    Nice thing to do, Fred

    And good luck with the move
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    • toys2cool
      Ultimate Mego Warrior
      • Nov 27, 2006
      • 28605

      wow he looks pretty darn cool man,those legs look nice and buff
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      • thunderbolt
        Hi Ernie!!!
        • Feb 15, 2004
        • 34211

        Nice one, Fred!! And you sent it to the biggest MK fan around, too!!!
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        • The Toyroom
          The Packaging King
          • Dec 31, 2004
          • 16653

          Nice job and very cool thing to do...
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          • Dave Mc
            • Oct 20, 2002
            • 17827

            Very cool thing to do Fred, and a great custom figure. Congrats Paul! I especially love the work on the belt.


            • kingdom warrior
              OH JES!!
              • Jul 21, 2005
              • 12478

              Wow Fantastic piece!


              • Megospidey
                Museum Webslinger
                • Jul 26, 2006
                • 5305

                MK has never looked better! Sweet job Fred - and good luck with the move Paul!


                • Blackkryptonite
                  Persistent Member
                  • Jun 28, 2006
                  • 2118

                  Thanks guys! He was fun to make and I knew he was Paul's favorite character so he'd really be thrilled. As for the recipe Paul was talking about; he's basically the same body as my Dr Fate. The Remco torso, LJN's, heroic crotch and those darn huge legs I made I'm happy you all like him!


                  • K
                    Fun Will Now Commence
                    • Jun 20, 2001
                    • 2524

                    Bravo! VERY well done. I especially like the pearlescent paint used for the hands. Nice!
                    I LOVE CHEESECAKE!!!sigpic

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                    • mego boy CA
                      megos are FUN!!
                      • Mar 30, 2006
                      • 792

                      congrats! looks good.
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                      • fallensaviour
                        Talkative Member
                        • Aug 28, 2006
                        • 5620

                        Wow!!! That is simply FANTASTIC...
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                        • QDOGG
                          Persistent Member
                          • Jan 13, 2007
                          • 1115

                          Thats really cool! Fred is such a nice guy. I've bought some heads and bootfeet from him and the quality is excellent. I can't wait till he starts selling those ,"beefy," legs


                          • highquality
                            #1 Super Guy
                            • Jun 10, 2003
                            • 3963

                            WoW!! Really Nice!!

                            You've taken a character with not much costume detail and turned him into something special. I like it all the way around.
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                            • Blackkryptonite
                              Persistent Member
                              • Jun 28, 2006
                              • 2118

                              Thanks all, again i appreciate the props and not to sound to corny or unmanly but a lot of LOVE went in to making this figure Paul has been a really good friend and he's always been willing to lend a hand and brain storm new ideas with me and I wish we all lived a little closer together so we could get together more often and have some workshops and what not.