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Jackson Bostwick Shazam!

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  • mego73
    Printed paperboard Tiger
    • Aug 1, 2003
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    Jackson Bostwick Shazam!

    A little while ago, I got an order for a TV Shazam box. That lit the fire under me to make one for myself.

    I don't often do customs but when I do I usually stumble my way to something fairly good.

    The biggest hurdle was the head. I tried first to modify a repro of the Astronaut head, didn't like the way it turned out. I then tried to modify the repro head type used for Zorro and one of the knights, struck out there too.

    It was around that time that Captain Mego posted his own TV Shazam. I think he used this head from Toy Fanatic

    and even if he didn't, this the head I used. I took the head and sculpted on 70's hair and added some nasil folds. I molded it and the final head I got was slightly smaller and narrower in the face (from squeezing the mold probabaly), which I liked.

    I don't know how much I captured Jackson. Sometimes it looks like him to me, sometimes it doesn't. But it doesn't look unlike Jackson and I think the head "works". I also think Mego, would've made the more aproximate likeness for Shazam like they did for Isis if they were doing a TV series one.

    I'm sure you can tell the outfit is original Shazam Mego(I first used a Doc Mego red suit but was too lazy to sew on yellow cuffs). I made the lightning bolt and belt from yellow electrical tape. The boots are repro Conan in yellow from the Doc (tight fit).

    I made the cape (which I forgot to take a picture of the back of) from the very expensive ink jet printable fabric you can find on ebay. The cape was yellow trim, half of which could be folded over and fabric glued so that both sides of the cape had yellow trim. Elastic cord painted yellow is the rope.

    I wanted to make the box similar to Isis's box and that's how it turned out. Right down to using copy from the opening of the TV show on the front and sides of the box.

    The back of the box is a photo of Jackson outside put over a cloudy background and with more smoke superimposed over the lower part of his legs.

    high resolution pictures of these the above pictures here:

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  • megojim
    Permanent Member
    • Oct 13, 2001
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    I think you nailed it . . . feels like Saturday morning here
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    • ABMAC
      • May 16, 2002
      • 9665

      Nice looking figure and a great John Davidson head.


      • mego73
        Printed paperboard Tiger
        • Aug 1, 2003
        • 6690

        Originally posted by ABMAC
        Nice looking figure and a great John Davidson head.
        OMG, it does look like him, doesn't it? Anyone for "That's Incredible" customs?

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        • HardyGirl
          Mego Museum's Poster Girl
          • Apr 3, 2007
          • 13933

          You can always put him in a suit, and photoshop a talk show set for the John Davidson show. But you did a good job, though.
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          • Customslab

            very nice job


            • The Sentry
              Persistent Member
              • Jun 3, 2007
              • 1032

              What an awesome custom! Good show!


              • Meule
                Verbose Member
                • Nov 14, 2004
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                Hey, that's a sweet custom. Great job on the head and very cool box
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                • brineb
                  Persistent Member
                  • Aug 26, 2006
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                  He's fantastic!!! I think you got the likeness down pat!!! Excellent box as well!!!
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                  • Dave Mc
                    • Oct 20, 2002
                    • 17827

                    Bravo! It really works. Doesn't get better than that.


                    • The Bat
                      Batman Fanatic
                      • Jul 14, 2002
                      • 13412

                      Nice likeness...that's the perfect Head! Good Job!


                      • thunderbolt
                        Hi Ernie!!!
                        • Feb 15, 2004
                        • 34211

                        looks like you got him pretty good there. Great job.
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                        • Earth 2 Chris
                          Verbose Member
                          • Mar 7, 2004
                          • 32599

                          When I was a kid, I thought John Davidson WAS the guy who played Captain Marvel! So the fact that the head looks like both of them works.

                          I could see Mego doing this figure, just like this. Great box!



                          • toys2cool
                            Ultimate Mego Warrior
                            • Nov 27, 2006
                            • 28605

                            I think he looks awesome,great job and that box looks cool as hell too
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                            • bagmonster
                              Registered Lurker
                              • Apr 13, 2002
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