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    It is a tv show. Producers tend to believe every "reality" show needs drama to keep it interesting- even if toy collectors don't.

    Much like Pro-wrestling, not everything we see in a "reality" tv show is completely organic.

    When Overhauling was on tv, I recalled reading that the cars may have been tv finished- but often times it was just barely and they certainly weren't without a lot of bugs to sort out before they were really complete and roadworthy.

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    I loved Overhauling! I am a huge vintage car freak, and I still have people coming up to me asking if I'm Chip Foose!

    In any event, Dave Hill was an interesting guy. He really did have the money to purchase the stuff, and it surprised me that he actually went for the GI Joe doll.

    I think I heard later the producer saying that he really wanted it, because it would make a great story for his act and one-man show. ( Tax write off!)

    Stay tuned for Wednesday where you will see more Mego, Tomland figures, and some more surprises as we head off to C2E2 in Chicago.


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    Jordan will you be making it out to mid ohio con this year?

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    Loved finally seeing the Flagg make it to the show! The one toy I was not allowed to have as a child. My parents said that I'd have to give up my bed. My answer of "OKAY!" didn't go over well.


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    Good episode! Glad to get away from the "celebrity" clients for a bit.

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    I would have loved to seen the Flagg on tonights episode. That was a great find, and to think he had TWO of them! I would love to have seen more of his "museum".

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    Some people spend YEARS trying to assemble a complete USS Flagg. It is a neat toy, and a total status symbol. I wanted one as a kid. Not so much now. For what it cost, I could've had a NES (Which I eventually got, and which brought me immense joy). And two games.
    Looking for Green Arrow accessories, Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver, and Japanese Popy Megos (Battle Fever J, Battle of the Planets, Kamen Rider, Ultraman)

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    A friend of mine had one as a kid and it took up his whole floor! Only one I've ever seen. Wish we could have seen some more of his massive collection. Loved seeing the Tomlands in the case.

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    Really enjoyed last night's episode. LOVED that Hot Wheels Service Center, and normally i'm not a die-cast car fan at all. There were two toys that one of my childhood school classrooms had (that I didn't have at home) that I was obsessed with playing with. One was the service center (the cars rolling down the whole thing really was a crowd pleaser) and the other was the 1974 Playskool McDonalds playset. I've found i'm not the only one. It's very difficult to find complete but i got one without the figures and my wife was ecstatic, it was a favorite of hers also. Then...our daughter found it. She's 2 and has been obsessed with it ever since. I think it might be the little tray return that everyone likes so much? I can't believe there was a missed opportunity to talk about the Jetfire/Macross/Takara history though! I agree with everyone else, it needs to be an hour. Here's a question for you though Jordan: I grew up the son of a collectables dealer so I started working shows at the age of 10 (so i've seen a ton). How on Glob's green earth do you get that much inventory all the way out to the west coast etc. for cons without losing your shirt in costs? I've seen plenty of large setups but yours is gargantuan for a non-corporate type, do you truck it out? Get an employee to truck it out? Coastal inventory depots?? I'm very curious to hear how you tackle it since everyone does it differently.

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    Great episode.

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