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Thread: The PlaidStallions Sleestak Contest

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    Feb 14, 2008
    NS, Canada
    My brother (who I shared a room with my entire childhood) owned a Tommy Talker. At bedtime I swear it's eyes moved. It scared the hell outta me to the point where my Mom would toss a blanket over his head at bed time.
    As an adult I have never seen one in person at a flea market, etc. If I did, I'm not sure whether I'd buy it for nostalgia or through something at it.

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    Oct 4, 2008
    Mid Hudson Valley, NY
    Frankenstein - growing up my parents always took us camping for our vacations, we would always go to Lake George at least once every summer. there was this place in town that always had Frankenstein standing out front to greet customers. I was terrified of him and made my parents take us past from the other side of the street, LOL. it took years before I ever got the nerve to approach him and shake his hand

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    Jul 20, 2010
    Orland Park, IL
    This show “Stingray” freaked me out when I was a year old, or so.
    I remember seeing it on the TV and running away crying.
    Those marionettes were so creepy looking, and still are! Lol!
    I am thinking about finding an episode somewhere, just to see what it was like.

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    Aug 9, 2001
    United States
    First off, would LOVE to see that Sleestak art on a PS promo postcard for all to enjoy !!!

    For something that freaked me out as a kid but still intrigues me to this day ?

    I think my top pick would be the Space 1999 Dragon's Domain monster.

    The idea of a monster not only eating you but spitting out your skeleton afterward was horrific.

    I seen this episode when it first appeared in the US (I was probably 10-ish at the time)

    It not only gave me nightmares but I used to think about it while awake and even in school.

    The channel that originally played 1999 (WPIX-11-NY) never played reruns at the time.

    This fact let my original watching of the episode fester for years until my memory took on a life of its own.

    It became the scariest memory I ever had.

    Years and years later when I got the DVD megaset I rewatched Dragon's Domain with a fair amount of apprehension.

    I can honestly say, it didn't scare me (still entertained me) but my adult mind realized how this might affect a relatively young virgin to violence mind.

    Thinking about it today, I think Dragon's Domain was a key player in making me relatively scare-proof as an adult.

    Anything Hollywood can cook up today never compares to the Dragon's Domain monster.

    To the producers of 1999 --- I HATE you and LOVE you at the same time
    .................................................. .......................

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    Feb 15, 2009
    Alligators and crocodiles. Seriously. My older siblings used to terrorize me by showing me pictures of alligators and/or crocodiles, or pull out one of those rubber toys we all remember from the 70s. I had nightmares. These days, though, I can't pass by one of the zillion reality shows on Animal Planet etc without stopping to watch. Gator Boys, Swamp People, you name it.

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    Jun 15, 2001
    My Pants
    Blog Entries
    ends tonight!

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    Jul 3, 2008
    The Baxter Building
    Walt Disney's The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh. As a kid, I watched the Sunday night show religiously. I was a huge Disney kid!
    And then, one Sunday, there he was. Patrick McGoohan, with that bizarre mask was terrifying enough... But then HE LAUGHED! I made my mom change the channel.
    Years later I watched it and realized just how great it was. Now it's become a personal favorite. Now if only we could get a remego of Dr. Syn!

    Last edited by johnnystorm; Jan 28, '18 at 8:30 PM.

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    I know I am later to the party, but I can't be the only one that was terrified of these two.

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    Dec 27, 2008
    conneaut OH
    Quote Originally Posted by PNGwynne View Post
    For those members from Northeast Ohio, all this was the fault of the late, truly great UHF channel 43.
    Always loved that station.

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    Jun 5, 2008
    near Akron
    ^Some of my most cherished and vivid pop-culture memories hinge on Channel 43. Incredible '70s programming.

    And, ach, Superhost! He deserves a Mego.
    WANTED: Gray AJ Mustang horse; Dale Arden dagger; Parker SI sweater; Grayson SI trousers; POTA Fortress signal-flasher--top portion; POTA Forbidden Zone prison doors; vintage Galahad box; minty Wolfman tights; Black Knight sword; Lion Rock (pale) Dracula & Mummy heads; Wayne Foundation blue furniture; Flash Gordon/Ming (10") unbroken holsters; CHiPs gloved arms; POTA T2 tan body; POTA knife-sword; CTVT/vintage Friar Tuck robes.

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