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Thread: MM 2016 recap

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    MM 2016 recap

    I really had a great time at Mego Meet this year, as I always do. I was a bit concerned that since my son couldn't join me this year that I would enjoy it less, but being around the old and new friends made the time fly by.

    I thought Steve, Brian, Art and everybody else did an awesome job of putting it together. Everything seemed to go very smoothly and comfortable. The number and pacing of events was really nice, from the Aw Yeah welcome party to the final Mego Suite gathering Saturday night. I'm really glad we were able to bring back the group photo this year.

    I really enjoyed hanging around with Rob, Dan, Mike and Jason and eating deep dish pizza.

    Although the Laser Mego table was off in the corner of dealer room #3, I had a lot of traffic. I really want to thank all my friend and customers who said a lot of nice things about the stuff I brought and offered a lot of good ideas about future projects. I only work on the things I enjoy and it was very affirming to hear that people actually like what I do.

    I shipped 6 boxes of stuff to sell at the meet ahead of time:

    Here is the LaserMego table set up (minus a Fantasicar that was sold as I unpacked it):

    And I just came back with a carry on bag and a backpack:

    Here is what I brought back with me (mostly comics and custom suits):
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    great seeing ya Paul!

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    Your products are the tops and I am glad you were here. Wish your son could have been too. See you both next year.

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    Awesome stuff again this year sir. And thanks again for the help with this years exclusive.
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    You Da man Paul... Nothing gets done without your skills to complete it! I hope Ben can come next year, he was missed!

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    Paul you are so talented and humble, I really enjoy what little time, we had together, stay cool my friend!!

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    great to see you again and my son is totally stoked to start working on his Wanda custom.

    That is a nice pile of swag. Joe's first book and one of the elusive KoD. good stuff!

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    Paul, your 3D skills and inventiveness put you into.the top tier of all customizers. I am truly amazed at the out of the box creations you bring each year. I'll no doubt be in need of your talents as Ed and I worked to bring our protos to market. Thank you for being Awesome Wasson.
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    My one regret this year is that I really didn't get the chance to get over to the room that you were in. Missed out a lot of "goodness" that was in there. Great to see you again this year. Probably going to have to order a few things from you real soon. Well, as soon as you make one available I am all over it...I completely missed out on the 8 inch Micronaut. Please tell me you are going to be making more of them. Also may need one of your stands that are made o the clear material. I got a great Leitner Dr. Strange that I want to make look like he is hovering
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    No one is as inventive as you are my friend. The sheer creativity on display at your table is mind-blowing. Love the Super-Mobile and Time Traveller I brought home with me, but I do have to say the thing that just brings a smile to my face is the wonder twins bucket with the face in it.

    Great seeing you as always. to echo an earlier sentiment, amazing how someone so talented is the humblest at Mego Meet.

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