Haven't gotten the chance to go through all of the post meet threads here...but I will. I just wanted to say thank you to all that came to Aw Yeah Mego Meet this year. Thanks to Steve for putting up with me. Thank you to Art and all the other powers that be that got this thing rolling and done. There are lot of people I need to acknowledge...and I know that there will be some that I forget. To the ones I forget I apologize. Age does funny things to peoples memories

All of my Mego brothers...Who's better than you. Derek(Flynne), Scott A., Mike (Batmanmc), Charlie (Megogeek), Brian (Palitoy), Bill (Wee67), Kevin (Bronxboykev), Paul Clare (Hulk), Paul Clark (Doc Mego) and so many more that I know I am forgetting...thank you for making the yearly family reunion that much more special. To all of my other brothers that couldn't make it this year...I hope to see you guy's next year.

To all that haven't gone to Mego Meet yet...What the hell are you waiting for??!!?? Me and my big bro Tom (Wannabemego) made the 12 + hour trip...hell we had first timer Boy Wonder come from Puerto Rico. Great meeting you and your son. If he can make it to the show...anyone can make it to the show. Trust me, you will not be disappointed. The friendships that you will make will be worth more than any Mego you will buy at the show. These guys and girls are my extended family...that's how close we've all gotten over the last 11 years. Start putting aside a little $ and plan ahead of time and make the trip. It's worth it. We'll even get the IHOP across the street from the hotel to stay open 24 hours (That was for you Derek )

My only regret this year was that I didn't get to spend more time with everyone that I have mentioned and other that are escaping my mind right now. Also, I regret not getting to go to Art's Aw Yeah Comic store.

To all the newbies to the show thanks for coming up and introducing yourself and spending a little time getting to know us. See, we don't bite

Chris (cjeffreys), it was an honor and pleasure to get to know you. If you are ever in the NY/NJ area just message me or Tom. NY/NJ has a lot of cool places to see and experience.

Roberto (DarkKnight 67) I told you these guys are great. I also let everyone know years ago about that awesome Batmobile...and now everyone knows how great it is and how great you are. Keep on doin' what you do...and stay healthy

Last but not least...I say this every year, but it's always true: To my big Bro Tom...I can't do this show without you. It's not just because you drive...it's because you are my best friend and you understand and support what I do. You always have and for that I am forever grateful to have you as my brother. I love ya.