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  • Pre-Order the New MEGO Book---A Pitch from Scott


    Dear Mego Museum Friends,

    If you are like me, you've been thrilled to hear that our own Benjamin Holcomb is publishing his book, World's Greatest Toys: Mego 8" Super-Heroes, this year. Like me, you are giddy with anticipation as you dream of the full-color, high resolution photographs and painstakingly researched information about the WGSH.

    Worlds Greatest Toys On Sale NowAnd if you are like me you've been MEANING to pre-order your copy — either through the Mego Museum's Amazon Link or through TwoMorrow's Collector's Edition offer.

    And if you are like me you haven't done it yet... 

    If so, then I am personally appealing to you to pull that trigger now. Today. You've waited thirty or more years for this book. DON'T WAIT ANOTHER DAY.

    Benjamin Holcomb has been a part of the online Mego community since there was one and I'm convinced that only his considerable talents could have produced this outstanding book. I've been privileged to talk with Benjamin over the course of his project — but really, I don't talk, because I am speechless when I hear WHO he talked to and WHAT they told him about the creation of this legendary toy line. I have seen the pages, read some of the chapters, previewed the photos... and I for one am grateful that Benjamin did this work.

    That said — I also believe that this book is the result of all of our collective work over 10 years as a COMMUNITY here the Mego Museum. This is YOUR book — It was your never-ending discussion of Mego, your never-ending questions and discoveries, your single-minded passion that drove this book into existence.

    I am personally appealing to all of you to pre-order this book today. Please do not let it be said that the membership of the Mego Museum did not lead the charge in buying this book.

    As an added incentive, in the next 2 weeks, everyone who sends me confirmation they have pre-ordered this book will receive a free Mego Museum postcard!

    Thank you, and keep collecting them all,
    Scott C Adams

    Collector Profile: Rob Chatlin

    Rob Chatlin Mego Collection

    A NEW feature at the Mego Museum! Curator Brian Heiler interviews one of the Mego Community's greatest assets, Rob Chatlin.

    Rob's advice to Mego Collectors?

    "First, have fun with it! Collect what you love. Patience is a key, especially with the fast paced nature were experiencing due to the internet. Take the time to learn as much as possible, and be educated as you start buying toys. Use the resources available at the Mego Museum and other on-line sources. Ask questions, because someone before you probably asked it already. Ebay can be overwhelming at first, but if you know what you’re doing, you will be fine. We all approach collecting differently, and certainly, we all have different financial constraints and considerations that factor into our love of the hobby. Collecting is a passion of the heart, but don’t forget to use your head as well."

    Read the whole interview and view the drool-worthy photos HERE.

    Logan 5: Mego Museum Figure of the Month

    Mego Logan Five Action Figure

    A New Mego prototype action figure was discovered this past month and the Megomuseum had the exclusive. Introducing Mego Logan Five from the TV series "Logan's Run".

    The Mego Logan's Run line was often mentioned only as rumour among toy collectors. For over 20 years has been the subject of debate as to whether this was legitimate or speculation.

    The discovery of the REM and Francis Seven prototypes in 2000 ended any doubt, but the show's titular character had yet to be found. Finally, after twenty years, collectors can get a better idea of what this line might have looked like. Visit the Megomuseum Logan's Run Gallery

    Mego Meet 2007: June 1&2, Wheeling, WV

    Mego meet

    Preregistration is now available for Mego Meet, this June's Mego Convention. Dealer tables are also available through the web page. Click Here to Pre Register and don't forget to order one of the terrific t-shirts.

    Mego Meet 2007 is the third annual Mego convention held at the Toy and Train Museum in Wheeling, West Virginia. Each year hundreds of Mego collectors gather together for trading, a dealers room, seminars and a custom contest. For information on past Megomeet conventions click here

    Dida Displaysets: Create your Own Mego Style Vinyl Playset

    DidaDisplays.comDida DisplaysPresenting the first Mego-related product for sale from Mego Museum founder Scott Adams. Scott has been sharing his various custom playset projects in the Customego forum for the last 6 months and that work has led to the mass-production of his "Displayset" system: A set of illustrated vinyl panels that snap together to form Megoesque playsets displays. Clear vinyl pockets allow you to customize the artwork for countless themes.

    Sets will be available for sale in June, but you can pre-order the two deluxe sets, the "Space Command Center" and the fantastic 3-story "Stately Caverns". Another reason to come to Mego Meet this year: Scott will be showing his Displaysets and taking orders and promises several Mego Meet Exclusive items. Visit Dida Displays to join the mailing list and stay up to date on this new and exciting Mego development.


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