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Thread: Wanted DC Universe C&C Parts ...

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    Wanted DC Universe C&C Parts ...

    Hey Guys,
    Looking for the Following ...

    Kilowog left Arm ( comes with Stewart)

    DarkSeid Right and Left Leg

    Validus parts ...
    Jemm and Omac MOC

    DCU Wave 14
    Golden Age Green Lantern
    Ultra Humanite parts

    Marvel 3.75 inch Arc Angel

    Ironman 3.75 inchers

    Comic Whiplash
    Air Assult Drone
    Weapon Assult Drone
    Racing Tony Stark Ironman

    I do have Trade ...

    Giganta right arm

    Imperix left arm

    Despero right and left leg ( somewhere's)

    Complete set of DC Direct Green Lantern Power rings - The white Lantern ring


    Killer Moth
    Wonder Woman
    Copper Head
    Black Canary
    Booster Gold ( I dunno which 1)
    Green Arrow

    Lots of 25th Anniversary 3.75 inch Joes

    Bowen Busts

    Power of the Force 90's Star Wars

    Custom Resin Heads .


    PM Me if you can Help , or wanna trade.
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