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Thread: Man, you guys are the best....

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    Man, you guys are the best....

    No Joke. I've been to a LOT of toy shows, and I have never felt more welcome, and more at ease at any show than I was at Mego Meet!

    everybody was genuinely friendly, and everybody was there to have a good time! Mission Accomplished!, I am truly impressed. I chatted with people I met for the first time (well, being a first timer that's not unexpected), but it felt like we were old friends!

    everybody was truly wonderful, and truly helpful, and I am very happy to have been a part of it!

    I will be back for sure next year, and I'll be putting up a table to boot!

    there was plenty to see and do, and there were bargains for any budget!

    I had so much fun that I can't end a single sentence without an exclamation point! Thanks to EVERYBODY for making my first MegoMeet the first of MANY more to come!

    (oh, and I will be dropping by again on Saturday, since its local, but only for a little while. I have to snag the Show Exclusive Indy, and try to catch a few words with Dr. Mego)

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    I am having a blast at MegoMeet. Everyone is super awesome, and I am bleeding money, but going home with lots of great toys.

    Heading out to dinner now!

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    I will start putting pics and impressions in this thread ASAP. Promise!

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    Great meeting both of you . . . . And mbf's thoughts are echoed by many
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    Seeing the newcomers enjoying everyone's efforts makes it all worthwhile. We can sometimes become jaded seeing some of the same things, but seeing the look of wonder of a first timer is like watching a kid at Christmas. Seeing those people the next year is even better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mister Blisterfists View Post
    No Joke. I've been to a LOT of toy shows, and I have never felt more welcome, and more at ease at any show than I was at Mego Meet!
    What time did you get there on Saturday? I don't think I got to meet you.
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    I was only there BRIEFLY on Saturday...less than an hour. Would've been between Noon and 1:00

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    it is a different thing.

    mego meet sounds like a toy or comic show on the outside but i have had to start telling my friends it is a national club gathering of friends.

    yes, toys are sold and bought but that is just the ti of the ice berg.

    it really is a social event and most people already know eachother - and like you said new people are made to feel welcome.

    what other convention do you feel fine leaving everything on your table while you head to lunch or *gasp* over night without anyone watching it.

    oh yes, people have taken stuff off my table while i was gone - only to have them track me down to offer cash.

    aptly called mego MEET rather than convention.

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