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Thread: Ideal S.T.A.R Team Marvel Promo Comic- Knight of Darkness

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    Plaid Stallions Ideal S.T.A.R Team Marvel Promo Comic- Knight of Darkness

    In 1978, Ideal Toys hobbled together a series of toys using old molds and previously used brands to captilize on the popularity of Star Wars (and its lack of product on the shelves. Yes, lawsuits did happen. In an effort to create a back story kids might enjoy Ideal contacted Marvel comics (Yes, the people […]


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    Wow, Archie Goodwin, Dave Cockrum, Mike Esposito, Marie Severin...what a creative team! Just goes to show Marvel didn't skimp on talent for their licensed comics back then. Comics were still pretty disposable, and a paycheck, even for the "fans turned pro" like Cockrum. Work was work.

    Not only is the Star Team itself a pretty huge rip-off of Star Wars, the "Battling Starships" ad title font looks a lot like the Battlestar Galactica logo!

    Thanks for sharing. This was fun!


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    I'll never forget seeing Star Wars and looking endlessly for Mego related product, puzzled as to why nothing was showing up in the toy aisles. The S.T.A.R. Team was a fun detour while everyone waited for officially licensed merchandise. Little did I know the scale and appearance of Star Wars action figures were about to change everything. For me, the S.T.A.R. Team was a glimpse at what could have been had any of the action figure giants gotten a sniff of what was to come and grabbed that license first.

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    I liked these figures, they seem "perfect" knock-offs to me. I added Knight of Darkness to my Capt Action foes.

    Electroman should have had a related comic...
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